Setting a New Standard for Ion Exchange Chromatography

Purolite’s cation (SP) & anion (Q) resins are a staple in downstream purification, designed to facilitate polishing of monoclonal antibodies and recombinant proteins. Complementing affinity chromatography as part of a purification workflow, Purolite SP & Q resins provide high purities and scalable performance characteristics.   


The Purolite Ion Exchange Resin Toolbox 

Purolite’s SP and Q agarose-based resins offer strong physical and chemical stability, resulting in a long functional life and a long-term reduction in operating costs. 

Offered in four particle sizes, Praesto SP and Praesto Q resins ensure predictable selectivity across particle sizes, meeting the demands of challenging separations and allowing for rapid performance screening. 

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Designed with Patented Jetting Technology

A key differentiator between Purolite and competitor ion exchange resins is Purolite’s patented Jetting technology and our broad range of ion exchange particle sizes. The chemical consistency across these particle sizes offers numerous benefits to customers, including the ability to more rapidly screen products for desired performance. When combined, Jetting technology and bead size variety provide a unique market offering in ion exchange chromatography.   

Praesto resins are manufactured with a porosity and pore structure ideal for high-performance protein chromatography. Praesto ion exchange resins are strong cation (SP) and strong anion (Q) exchangers that maintain charge and subsequent capacity over a wide pH range. 

Offering comparable dynamic binding capacity, supporting the purification of high-concentration eluates in tandem with a protein A resin.

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What are the Overarching Benefits to Customers?

Presto SP and Praesto Q resins complement Purolite’s Affinity Resin Toolbox by offering a complete purification workflow for monoclonal antibodies.

Provides Actionable Insights

Identical properties with predictable outcomes enable customers to calibrate performance for desired capacity (adjusting for protein size), resolution (adjusting for the nature of the feed and scale of the separation), and flow properties (increasing process speed).  

Reduces Validation Time & Cost

Identical chemical properties allow for rapid product screening and efficient product selection, aiding process development leading to more robust and adaptable purification workflows.

Enhances Process Efficiency & Scalability

Uniform, jetted beads offer identical bead chemistry and surface chemistry across sizes, allowing customers to scale production and process as demand increases while maintaining outcomes.  

Supports Sustainability Efforts

Supports customer sustainability goals by reducing the use of solvents and production waste, leading to a more environmentally-conscious approach to the purification workflow.