Pulp and Paper Products

Purolite has been servicing the $65 billion per year pulp and paper industry for over 35 years. Although some portions of the industry have been in decline such as newsprint, global demand for tissue products continues to increase as populations grow. Established in the early 1800’s, the pulp & paper industry tends to have a much older infrastructure than other industries and their water treatment systems need a higher degree of technical care and support. Purolite can aid mill managers and chiefs proactively avoid major outages that result in significant production and financial loses.

Purolite offers advanced resin technologies and technical expertise for pulp and paper producers on both the process and utility side of water systems. Most pulp mills have large boilers that require different levels of water quality for proper operation. Resins are used co-flow, counter-flow, layered beds and mixed beds systems. They help reduce sodium and silica leakage and keep operating costs under control.

Purolite’s one-of-kind, high efficiency products help reduce both regenerant usage and rinse water volume. Combined with onsite sales engineers, our customers enjoy an outstanding level of product and technical support. Our team will work with you to increase operating capacity and minimize both resin cleaning and brine squeezes.

Common applications for ion exchange resin in pulp mills include:

  • Softening - Cations calcium (Ca+) and magnesium (Mg+) are removed and replaced with other cations that do not cause scale, namely sodium (Na+) or potassium (K+)
  • Demineralization - The removal of dissolved minerals that form salts when water is evaporated.
  • Condensate polishing - Removing impurities from condensate returns.
  • Organic traps - Pretreatment for demineralization system to help control the organics in the feed water.
  • Organic fouling control - Anion resins and mixed beds are most susceptible to organic fouling. This is prevented by pretreatment of the water by weak-base adsorbent resin.
  • Potable water applications - Resins can effectively remove many contaminants from potable water
  • Mill wastewater treatment - Used for the efficient sorption of high molecular weight organic molecules with lipophilic properties (dyestuffs, pesticides) in industrial process wastewater treatment.
  • Metals recovery - Used in pulp and paper applications for the recovery of metals.
  • The products listed below are examples of what we can offer for each application area. Please contact your local Purolite Technical Representative or click Contact Us.

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