Microelectronics Industry Products

Purolite ion exchange resins for ultrapure water are specially manufactured to meet the precise needs of the microelectronics industry for wafer and microchip production.  These needs require the highest possible water quality (<1 ppb Total Organic Carbon (TOC) and >18.2 MΩ·cm resistivity, with minimum rinse times), while eliminating contamination of the high purity circuits when ion exchange resin is first installed.

Get Ahead of New PFAS Regulations 
New PFAS regulations are on the horizon for the microelectronics industry. Purolite can help you address contaminants in water and air emissions by removing PFAS to meet new guidelines. 

All UltraClean™ resins undergo treatment to remove the organic residuals that are left on ion exchange resins after manufacturing. They are highly regenerated in the H+ and OH- forms.

For regenerable service deionization (SDI), portable exchange (PE) or cartridge systems, where TOC readings must be less than 10 ppb after rinsing with 30-40 Bed Volumes (BV) or less, UltraClean UCW3900, UltraClean UCW3700, UltraClean UCW3600 are recommended.

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