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Mixed Bed Resins - Nuclear Products

Nuclear grade polishing mixed bed resins offer a selection of products to address the diversity of conditions encountered in nuclear plant operations and insure optimum performance. The Purolite® nuclear grade mixed bed resins are primarily equivalence blends for maximum exchangeable capacity. Strong acid cation rich mixed bed resins are available for high cation and amine circuits. 

When selecting mixed bed resin products it is essential to consider the objective for the resin. Resins, both cations and anions with high capacity will have greater selectivity for ions however kinetics will slow. Therefore higher capacity resins will result in lower ionic leakage but may not offer total loading capacity. Removing trace impurities from high purity water, such as conditions found in boiling water reactors (BWR) higher capacity resins will allow lower leakage. 

Whereas, in the primary circuit or a pressurized water reactor (PWR) medium crossed link resin will control ionic leakage yet achieve a greater total loading, thus reducing resin use and waste generation.

Mix beds with macroporous strong acid cation resin and gel anion resin offer a unique benefit of high selectivity and good kinetics achieving an efficient treatment for almost all nuclear systems.

  • BWR condensate polishing, spent fuel pool demineralizer 

  • High purity condensate polishing and reactor water clean-up 

  • Primary polishing and clean-up systems

  • Steam generator blow down demineralization

  • Demineralization - dyed anion and cation resin to indicate exhaustion 

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