What are adsorbents?

Purolite polymeric adsorbent resins are synthetic spherical beads with defined pore structure, polymer chemistry and high surface area used for purification and selective extraction of target molecules in aqueous solutions. Unlike other adsorption technologies, Purolite adsorbents are safe and efficient because toxic solvents and expensive distillation and precipitation processes are not required for effective compound extraction.

For maximum adsorption, the polymeric adsorbent resins should have high internal surface area, high porosity and controlled pore size distribution. Adsorbent resins with small pores have higher surface area, but pores have to be big enough to allow molecules to enter the bead in order to be adsorbed. Factors that determine adsorption efficiency include chemical interactions, solubility, size, weight, and capacity.

There are various types of polymer matrices for adsorbent resins including aromatic polystyrenic or polydivinylbenzene, aromatic halogenated polystyrene/divinylbenzene, and aliphatic methacrylate. Each polymer matrix features unique physical properties that are important in adsorbent resin selection. 

Purolite has two families of adsorbents, Macronet™ and PuroSorb™. These product lines are offered in a broad range of matrices, porosities, capacities and pore sizes that make them ideal for a variety of industrial applications.

The typical particle size range for PuroSorb and Macronet adsorbent resins is 300 –1,200 µm with a uniformity coefficient of less than 1.6, which is ideal for most industrial-scale operations. Smaller particle size adsorbents are used for fine separation and purification applications Chromalite® reversed-phase chromatographic resins.

Typical applications for adsorbent resins:

  • Citrus juice debittering

  • Corn sweetener refining

  • Enzyme Immobilization

  • Adsorption of gases and organic vapors

  • Separation of inorganic salts

  • Removal of organic pollutants

  • Patulin removal

  • Pharmaceutical applications

  • Polyphenol removal

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