Innovation and Excellence in Affinity Chromatography

Purolite’s range of affinity resins for capture of monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) combines the excellence of jetted beads with the innovation of novel ligands to provide a toolbox of functionality to suit all mAb types.  

The Purolite Affinity Toolbox 

Purolite’s range of agarose-based affinity products are designed to complement purification workflows for monoclonal antibodies, bispecific antibodies, fragments and other recombinant proteins.

Our partnership with Repligen provides a range of innovative ligands specifically designed for these challenging applications, which when coupled to our near monodisperse jetted beads provides a comprehensive affinity purification toolbox.

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Designed with Patented Jetting Technology

A key differentiator of Purolite’s affinity portfolio is the use of jetting technology to produce the resin beads. This patented, environmentally conscious technique uses mechanical movement to produce near-monodisperse beads with a consistent pore structure.

The result is a range of agarose-based resins with optimal flow properties and high dynamic binding capacities, making the Purolite affinity portfolio truly unique.

What are the Overarching Benefits to Customers?

Purolite's affinity resins complement our Ion Exchange Toolbox by offering a complete workflow for monoclonal antibodies.

Tailored to your needs

The Purolite affinity toolbox features resins specially tailored for a wide range of antibody types including those prone to aggregation and those that cannot be purified by protein A, for a comprehensive product offering.

Designed for process intensification

Purolite resins are build around the concept of process intensification, driving down cost and elevating productivity.

Enhances Process Efficiency & Scalability

Uniform, jetted beads offer identical bead chemistry and surface chemistry across sizes, allowing customers to scale production and process as demand increases while maintaining outcomes.  

Supports Sustainability Efforts

Supports customer sustainability goals by reducing the use of solvents and production waste.