Perchlorate Removal using Ion Exchange Resin

Purolite has been at the forefront of perchlorate ion exchange resin development since it was first discovered in groundwater. We produced some of the first resins used in the industry and have continued to improve our offerings following our commitment to helping provide clean, safe drinking water. Perchlorate-selective ion exchange resin is a best available technology for impacted groundwater remediation. We work closely with communities and municipalities worldwide to help deliver perchlorate-free drinking water and remediation solutions.

Perchlorates enter the environment through industrial activities. The most common sources are solid propellant for rockets, missiles, and fireworks — but perchlorate can also naturally occur. Perchlorate in drinking water supplies is a growing health concern as it can damage the thyroid gland that controls human growth, development and metabolism. It is particularly detrimental to developing fetuses and young children as it can affect brain development and cause hearing loss, speech delays or impairment, and other effects on motor skills.

While several resin technologies can treat perchlorate, single-use perchlorate selective resins have become a standard in perchlorate treatment due to its simple operation, effectiveness of removal, and lower overall cost of treatment.

Advantages of Purolite Ion Exchange Resins for Perchlorate Removal

  • Low operating cost with simple system design, requiring minimum operator attention.
  • Purolite can provide throughput breakthrough modeling with our proprietary simulation program.
  • Customizable solutions for simultaneous removal of other contaminants of concern.

Today, the most common ion exchange treatment option for perchlorate is Purolite® A532E, a single-use perchlorate selective resin certified by the WQA to NSF/ANSI/CAN 61 standard for drinking water. We also offer Purolite A532EBF in the buffered form. 

Your local technical sales expert will gladly assist you with the best treatment solution for perchlorate contamination.

Perchlorate Removal アプリケーション別の製品