Removing Arsenic from Potable Water Systems

Arsenic is a toxic substance with varying degrees of regulation. The standard MCL (maximum concentration level) for arsenic in drinking water for the USA is 10 ppb.

FerrIX™ A33E is an iron-infused anion resin that uses iron oxide to complex and remove pentavalent and trivalent arsenic from water. It is ideal for municipal water treatment plants, point-of-entry (POE) and point-of-use (POU) systems. It is compatible with most existing treatment plants, lead-lag or parallel design configurations.  FerrIX™ A33E is recommended for either single use or for applications needing off-site regeneration service.

FerrIX™ A33E has many beneficial properties including:

  • Reducing Arsenic levels down to <2 ppb; exceeds compliance for U.S. EPA for drinking water and food & beverage processing

  • Reduces arsenic influent contamination levels for industrial processes allowing for compliant waste water discharges.

  • Excellent hydraulics and short contact time for efficient adsorption of arsenic

  • High resistance to breakage; no backwashing required once installed

  • Easy vessel loading and unloading

  • Regenerable and reusable multiple times

  • Chain of custody protocol to assure quality control

  • Certified quality and performance

  • Used in numerous drinking water and food and beverage applications worldwide

For water systems where brine regeneration is feasible, we recommend Purolite A300E anion resin to remove the pentavalent form of arsenic. Pre-oxidation is recommended for converting trivalent arsenic to the pentavalent form before removal by Ion Exchange Resins. Any excess of oxidant should be removed before contact with the resin.

Please consult your local Purolite representative for product recommendation and system design on all your arsenic remediation projects.

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