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Food and Beverage Products

Purolite has been manufacturing resins for the food and beverage industry for over 30 years and has developed many products for related applications over this period. The food and beverage industry encompasses a wide range of resin applications including refining of sugar, sweeteners, collagen, dairy, ethanol, gelatin, glycerine, organic acids, amino acids, biomass, vitamins and fruit juices, among others. Purolite continually strives to develop better performing products for each industry guided by customer requirements. We actively seek customer feedback regarding potential improvements to current products that will help increase productivity and reduce operating cost.

Meeting Complex Regulatory Needs
Purolite’s food and beverage resins must meet FDA guidelines (USA) and REACH requirements (EU). Purolite produces Halal products under the supervision of several respected Islamic councils and manufacture products in compliance with Kosher production and packaging rules. Quality and consistency are key components and an essential part of chemicals. ISO and additional standards associated with quality management, good manufacturing practices, and ease of access to regulatory information are all well regarded and extremely relevant to the food and beverage industry. Purolite has a dedicated, global regulatory team at our manufacturing locations to support your applications and management of change initiatives.

Common applications for ion exchange resin in food and beverage include:

  • Dairy - extraction of lactoferrin; decolorization, chromatographic separation and polishing of lactulose; demineralization of lactulose and cheese and milk whey
  • Fruit Juice 
    • Debittering of orange and lemon juice
    • Deacidification of grapefruit and apple juice 
    • Patulin removal from apple juice
    • Polyphenol recovery from olives, grapes and berries
  • Gelatin and Collagen - taste and odor removal, demineralization
  • Organic Acids - demineralization of citric, lactic and glycolic; chromatographic separation of citric and lactic

  • Sugar (Beet Sugar) - thin juice softening and molasses desugarization
  • Sugar (Cane Sugar) - decolorization, demineralization, taste and odor removal, color and ash polishing, inversion and upflow distributor protection
  • Sweeteners
    • Corn/Wheat - demineralization of glucose, dextrose, maltodextrin and fructose; chromatographic separation of dextrose & fructose; mixed bed polishing of fructose; color, taste and odor removal from glucose, dextrose and fructose
    • Dietary Fiber - chromatographic separation of polysaccharide
    • High Intensity - chromatographic separation and isomerization of Allulose; color removal and extraction of Stevia
    • Polyols - demineralization of sorbitol, maltitol and erythritol; chromatographic separation of maltitol and erythritol; mixed bed polishing of sorbitol, maltitol and erythritol; color, taste and odor removal of sorbitol, maltitol and erythritol
    • Polysaccharides - hydrolysis
Additional Food & Beverage Applications
  • Amino Acids - extraction of lysine and decolorization of MSG
  • Biomass Purification - demineralization and chromatographic separation of cellulose hydrolyzate
  • Ethanol – demineralization and odor removal
  • Glycerine - demineralization, chromatographic separation
  • Vitamin E - chromatographic separation, chromatographic separation guard
  • Wine - stabilization of tartrates, allergen removal of sulfites

Purolite Advantage
Purolite partners with customers on research and development projects to develop tailored resins for the latest applications. We also provide value to the food and beverage industry by offering outstanding technical sales and support, global presence, a customer-centered approach, and top-tier research and development laboratories and resources.Please contact us with your ion exchange resin questions.