Unveiling the Power of Lactoferrin: Transforming Byproducts Into High-Value Solutions

11 lug 2024

As the dairy industry continues to evolve, the ability to extract the full potential of lactoferrin presents an unparalleled opportunity to upscale the value and efficacy of dairy products.

Host Cell Protein Challenges in Monoclonal Antibody Downstream

2 lug 2024

Explore innovative methodologies with Purolite's Jetted A50 HipH for addressing host cell protein challenges in monoclonal antibody production. Ensure product purity and efficacy.

Discover DurA Cycle A50: New Affinity Protein A Resin for 2024

1 lug 2024

At the BIO International Convention in San Diego, California, Purolite connected with customers and bioprocessing leaders to discuss industry trends and challenges and to launch Purolite’s latest advancement, DurA Cycle A50.

Purolite, an Ecolab Company Chromatography Masterclass – Q&A

29 apr 2024

Explore chromatography fundamentals and protein purification techniques from the lab bench to commercial scale in this exclusive five-part course.

Purolite How to Series: Introduction to Ion Exchange Chromatography

22 apr 2024

Understand the five critical steps of ion exchange chromatography and review the types and structures of resins and ligands used in the purification process.

Purolite How to Series: Performance Parameters in Protein Purification

28 mar 2024

Learn the five parameters used to evaluate protein purification methods and how each parameter affects the target molecule.

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing: Strategies for Navigating Raw Material and Process Changes

13 mar 2024

Follow-up piece to our Resin Sourcing whitepaper, discussing regulatory pathways to introduce process improvements and/or alternate sources of chromatography resins into manufacturing workflows.

Purolite Customer Services: Downstream Process Development

18 gen 2024

Learn how Purolite's Field Application Scientists support customers' downstream process to control costs and accelerate time-to-market

Principles and Benefits of Process Intensification for Affinity Chromatography

3 gen 2024

Principles and Benefits of Process Intensification for Affinity Chromatography

Advances in Protein A Chromatography

23 nov 2023

In this blog, chromatography experts answer your questions about improvements in Protein A resins and process improvements in Affinity Chromatography.

Nuclear | A Closer Look Series - Running Past Amine Break

31 ott 2023

In the world of nuclear power, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of plants is of paramount importance.

Nuclear | A Closer Look Series - Short Loading

26 lug 2023

Purolite's complete line of Purolite® ion exchange resins for perchlorate keep water safe and clean.

Ion Exchange Technical Seminar in Germany

14 feb 2023 / Ratingen, Germany

Purolite is pleased to extend an invitation to attend a technical seminar, “Ion Exchangers for Demineralization and Electroplating: Theory and Practice.” The seminar, hosted and instructed by Purolite sales and engineer technical experts, will be held June 20-21 in Ratingen, Germany and November 22-23 in Würzburg, Germany .

Purolite Bioprocessing in 2022: Growth in manufacturing, innovation and talent

15 dic 2022

As the year comes to a close, we look back at the extraordinary events that have shaped our history as a global leader in the development and manufacture of resin beads.

Purolite on the road

19 ago 2022

Events were back in 2022, in a big way! See our highlights so far and where you can meet us next.

Purolite, Supporting Grass Roots Football (Soccer)

9 ago 2022 / Wales, UK

Purolite Wales has been sponsoring local youth team, Holton Road AFC for the last three years.

Purolite Crowned Innovative Business of the Year

23 mag 2022

The global manufacturer of agarose resin beads has been awarded Innovative Business of the Year at the 2022 Wales Business Awards 2022.

Purolite Fundraisers: Raising money for Maggie’s Cancer Centre

23 mag 2022

Throughout 2022, our staff at Purolite are hosting a wide range of fundraising events to raise money for a charity close to our hearts, Maggie’s Cancer Centre.

Future-proofing downstream processing, 2022 and beyond...

14 feb 2022

We don’t have a crystal ball, but we do have the expertise to suggest reasonable, practical steps you can take as a manufacturer to stay ahead of the game in mAb purification in 2022 and beyond.

Big Game Festivities at Purolite

10 feb 2022 / Pennsylvania, USA

Purolite Celebrates the big game with various activities.

Purolite Celebrates Chinese Lunar New Year

1 feb 2022 / Pennsylvania, USA

Purolite Headquarters celebrates the Chinese Lunar New Year with office luncheon.

A look back at 2021 for the resin industry

15 dic 2021

In this blog, we will look back at the events of 2021, exploring the trends and innovations that have driven the resins space forward over the last year, and ask how these will shape developments in 2022.

Ebook Sneak Peek: Praesto Jetted A50 HipH, a new protein a resin

17 nov 2021

For enabling mild elution of anitbodies and other Fc containing proteins

Ebook Sneak Peek: CaptureSMB for the Continuous Purification of mAbs with High Productivity and Load

11 nov 2021

Guest article from Chromacon YMC focused on continuous mAb purification. Full article available in our recently released Biopharm ebook

Purolite Celebrates Halloween

29 ott 2021 / Pennsylvania, USA

Purolite Headquarters and G-Street manufacturing facility celebrate Halloween in 2021 with snacks, candy, and a costume contest.

Ebook sneak peek: The future of Protein A affinity chromatography

27 ott 2021

Protein A affinity chromatography continues to be the preferred method for commercial purification of antibodies because of its high selectivity and robust resin performance over repeated purification cycles.

Medical Equipment Donation in Romania

20 ott 2021 / Brasov, Victoria, Romania

Purolite donates medical equipment to a hospital in Victoria, Romania that reopened after over 10 years.

Ion Exchange Technical Seminar in Germany

17 set 2021 / Ratingen, Germany

Purolite is pleased to extend an invitation to attend a technical seminar, “Ion Exchangers for Demineralization and Electroplating: Theory and Practice.” The seminar, hosted and instructed by Purolite sales and engineer technical experts, will be held November 24-25 in Ratingen, Germany.

Purolite Headquarters Summer Employee Event

13 ago 2021 / King of Prussia, PA

Purolite Headquarters Summer Employee Event at Elmwood Park Zoo in Norristown, Pennsylvania.

BPA Polycarbonate Value Chain Forum China

29 lug 2021 / China

BPA Polycarbonate Value Chain Forum China

Certificate of Accreditation of API Manufacturers Japan

20 lug 2021 / Japan

Certificate of Accreditation of API Manufacturers Japan

Did You Know?

14 mag 2021

Did you know resin technology can help to clean blood for each donation?

Did You Know?

14 mag 2021

Did you know resin technology can help honeybees get more honey to your table?

Purolite Donates to Families in Need in Brazil

4 mag 2021 / Sao Paulo, Brazil

Sao Paulo office team creates a donation program in tandem with a local church's efforts to help low-income families in the community.

Did You Know?

4 mag 2021

Did you Know Resin Technology Helps Keep Your Drink Tasty on Cinco De Mayo?

Did You Know?

21 apr 2021

Did you know resins help power the trucks delivering your online shopping?

Did You Know?

8 apr 2021

Did You Know That Resin Technology Helps to Remove Metal from Cannabis?

Did You Know?

24 feb 2021

Did You Know that Resin Technology Helps Ensure You Are Stocked-up With Toilet Paper?

Pharmaceutical Applications: Optimizing Operating Systems

5 gen 2021

Customers shared their challenges with pharmaceutical applications. We look at how ion exchange resins, adsorbents and other high-performance polymers can help.

What value does brand loyalty have in a time of crisis if you can’t source your Protein A?

17 nov 2020

In this article We look at the effects of customer loyalty during the pandemic when measured against the importance of effective supply chain management for the global biopharma industry.

The impact of protein A resin on ensuring an efficient and reliable continuous downstream process in mAb purification

21 ott 2020

With protein A resins being a significant cost in the manufacture of these mAb products, we review the true impact of protein A resin on ensuring an efficient and reliable continuous downstream process in mAb purification.

Did You Know?

19 ott 2020

Did you know that ion exchange resins help our harvests flourish?

Did You Know?

8 ott 2020

Did you know ion exchange resins help turn Stevia leaves into sweetener?

Empowering the Youth of Today

25 set 2020

Purolite is proud to be part of the ongoing studies at the University of British Columbia (Vancouver) and Polytechnique (Montreal).

Did You Know?

20 set 2020

Did you know that your car's low emission is made possible by ion exchange resins?

Did You Know?

10 set 2020

Beverage companies use ion exchange to make their products safe for drinking?

Did You Know?

19 ago 2020

Ion exchange can ensure that hand sanitizers made from ethanol are safe to use?

Purolite Brazil Office 100% Operational During the COVID-19 Pandemic

13 ago 2020 / São Paulo, Brazil

Purolite's office in São Paulo, Brazil remains 100% operational during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Did You Know?

13 ago 2020

Nylon production depends heavily on ion exchange resins?

Meet the Purolite Team: Patrick Gilbert

10 ago 2020

Learn more about the amazing team behind our revolutionary protein A resin range, starting with R&D Manager Patrick Gilbert.

Handling Gelatin and Collagen Application Challenges

29 lug 2020

Customers shared their challenges with collagen and gelatin. We look at how ion exchange resins can help.

Did You Know?

28 lug 2020

Did you know -Did you know that ion exchange is critical to creating the lithium batteries that power cars?

Did You Know?

22 lug 2020

Did you know that Ion exchange resins are used to decolor natural sugar to create the white sugar commonly found in your kitchen?

Did You Know?

15 lug 2020

Did you know - Ion exchange resins are used on the international space station for the water purification and oxygen generation systems?

Why does uniform particle size matter in agarose chromatography resins?

7 lug 2020

In this blog post we look at how agarose chromatography resins have traditionally been manufactured before discussing new innovations in manufacturing

Did You Know?

7 lug 2020

Did you know that gold, a staple in wedding rings (and happy marriages), is processed using ion exchange resins? Gold is expensive due to its amazing properties and its scarcity; only one out of every billion atoms of rock on the earth is gold.

Did You Know?

24 giu 2020

Ion exchange resins help your iron to keep steaming along? Irons use steam to ensure that our favorite pants and shirts are wrinkle free. But, did you know that the water you use contains minerals that can cause deposits and stop your iron from working?

Purolite Global Headquarters Reopens

9 giu 2020 / King of Prussia, PA, USA

As our region has begun to stabilize from COVID-19 and we move into the yellow phase of the pandemic response, Purolite is thrilled to be able to bring our remote workers back to the Global Headquarters in accordance with state guidelines.

Purolite Brazil Applications Laboratory

27 mag 2020 / São Paulo, Brazil

Purolite Applications Laboratory São Paulo, Brazil

Did You Know?

8 mag 2020

Ion exchange resins can help you to stop smoking. The nicotine is primarily responsible for causing addiction to tobacco products. And as smokers try to kick the habit, their bodies have symptoms of nicotine withdrawal, which could cause symptoms like cravings, or urges to smoke, depression, trouble sleeping, irritability, anxiety, and increased appetite. Nicotine withdrawal can discourage some smokers from continuing with a quit attempt.

Campaign for OEMs - Pharmaceutical Industry

27 apr 2020 / Brazil

Campaign for OEMs - Pharmaceutical Industry

Emelie Johnson Published Finding of PFAS Removal

20 apr 2020 / Brasov, Victoria, Romania

Emelie Johnson of KTH Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden, published her finding of PFAS removal from landfill leachate. Her document provides charted data representing the comparison of PFA694E ion exchange resin and GAC performance and details resin’s superior performance.

Purolite Donates to Hospital in Romania

13 apr 2020 / Brasov, Victoria, Romania

Purolite Donates to Hospital in Brasov, Romania

How to Reduce Buffer Consumption

6 apr 2020

In this article, we analyse the growing industry need to reduce buffer consumption in the purification of proteins and monoclonal antibodies.

Did You Know?

9 mar 2020

Did you know…Ion exchange resins and adsorbents help to prevent contaminants from doing any harm to the earth’s ozone?

Ion Exchange Technical Seminars Invitation 2020 Germany

4 mar 2020 / Bingen, Germany

Purolite is pleased to extend an invitation to attend a technical seminar, “Ion Exchangers for Demineralization and Electroplating: Theory and Practice.” The seminar, hosted and instructed by Purolite sales and engineer technical experts, will be held twice - June 17-18 in Bingen, Germany and November 25-26 in Ratingen, Germany.

Did You Know?

26 feb 2020

Ion exchange helps improve the taste color and odor of gelatin products.

Purolite Hosts Annual Soup and Chili Cook-Off

7 feb 2020

Purolite employees at the King of Prussia Headquarters and Philadelphia G-Street Plant participated in the annual Soup and Chili Cook-Off Contest. Crockpots occupied the cafeterias of each location as Purolite employees cooked up their favorite soup and chili recipes.

Ion Exchange Technical Seminar Invitation

7 feb 2020

Purolite is pleased to extend an invitation to attend a technical seminar, “Ion Exchange Resins for the Treatment of Water and Demineralization: Theory and Practical Studies.” The seminar, hosted and instructed by Purolite sales and engineer technical experts, will be held March 26-27, 2020 at The Yachts of Paris in Paris, France.

Did You Know?

4 feb 2020

Did you know that ion exchange and adsorbent resins remove bitter compounds and acids from citrus juice — such as grapefruit, orange, and lemon — making them sweeter and more delicious!

Did You Know?

29 gen 2020

Ion exchange helps make electronic devices work flawlessly?

The Importance of Dynamic Binding Capacity in mAb Purification

23 gen 2020

There is now greater pressure on downstream purification processes to meet the demand from increased cell titers. But how can you meet this demand without negatively impacting your manufacturing footprint and process economy?

Industrial Adsorbents Presentation

22 gen 2020

A presentation by Fred Ghanem looking at the two new product ranges of industrial adsorbents from Purolite Life Sciences.

Did You Know?

27 dic 2019

Resin is the key to “time-release” formulations in medicine, so your body gets a nice even dose.

Did You Know?

3 dic 2019

Ion exchange resin can help improve the taste of the water that comes from your faucet and so much more.

Did You Know?

29 nov 2019

Ion exchange resins help textile industries color their fabrics without coloring the water they send out into the environment?

Replacing the 'art' of column packing with science

20 nov 2019

A state-of-the-art column packing training facility, with best-in-class pilot and process-scale equipment for optimal MAb bioprocessing.

Did You Know?

18 nov 2019

Resins can be used to remove sulfite from wine?

Purolite Attends the International Water Conference 2019

15 nov 2019 / Orlando, FL

Purolite was proud to be a gold sponsor at the 2019 International Water Conference (IWC) that took place at the Hilton Lake Buena Vista Resort in Sunny Orlando, Florida November 10-14.

Purolite Exhibits at the AEHS Foundation 35th Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy

31 ott 2019 / University of Massachusetts Amherst

Purolite exhibited at the AEHS Foundation’s 35th Annual International Conference on Soils, Sediments, Water and Energy from October 21st to October 24th at the University of Massachusetts Amherst.

Laboratory Scale Columns for Performance Screening

30 ott 2019

An analysis between two different agarose-based chromatography resins, packed as per manufacturer’s instructions into two commonly-used columns at smaller scales

Purolite's Production Plant Celebrates Two Year Accident Free Milestone

22 ott 2019 / Philadelphia, PA, USA

Congratulations to Purolite's production team in Philadelphia! After two years of continuous work to update safety programs and procedures, monitor, and encourage safe practices in the plant, Purolite's production plant celebrated two years accident free!

The Praesto® Agarose Production Facility | A Year On...

27 set 2019

Celebrating the 1 year anniversary of one of the world's largest agarose resin manufacturing sites

Amanda Dolan Nominated in 2019 SuperNova Awards

27 ago 2019 / United States

Amanda Dolan, Purolite's CRM Integration Manager, has been nominated as a leader in Tech Optimization and Modernization by the Constellation Research Firm in their 2019 Supernova Awards! Help her win by voting now!

Francis Boodoo Presents at RCAP National Training Conference, 2019

2 ago 2019 / St. Petersburg, Florida

Francis Boodoo, Purolite's Director of Applied Technologies, was invited to present on new technologies for contamination removal at the Rural Community Assistance Partnership's National Training Conference.

Why Agarose?

31 lug 2019

For the purposes of chromatography, agarose is widely considered the best material available for the protein purification resins.

R&D Update - Q3 - 2019 - Praesto XS

4 giu 2019

Join us for round-up of key R&D updates each quarter.

Packing for Efficiency

24 mag 2019

In order that the purification process and the final product are robust and secure, it is vital that chromotography columns are properly packed and qualified in a reasonable time frame.

Purolite Offers Additional Language Options for Product Data Sheets

26 mar 2019 / Philadelphia, PA

Product data sheets are now available in Romanian and Polish.

Amanda Dolan Speaks at Gartner ITxpo

15 nov 2018 / Orlando, Florida

Zoho invites Purolite's Amanda Dolan to speak on the company's experience with the Zoho platforms.

Purolite Resins Remove Perchlorate from Drinking Water

25 set 2017 / Bala Cynwyd, PA

Perchlorate in drinking water can cause many health issues in humans. Purolite works with communities and municipalities across to the globe to create perchlorate-free drinking water that is clean and safe.

Purolite Offers Multi-Language Options For Product Data Sheets

11 ago 2017 / PA, USA

Purolite product data sheets are now available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, and Russian.

Purolite® A300E Removes Uranium Contamination from Potable Water

20 mar 2017 / California, USA

Uranium is a naturally occurring radioactive element that can contaminate potable drinking water and negatively impact our health. Purolite resins are highly effective at removing uranium from potable water systems—large and small—keeping drinking water safe.

Purolite Training Seminars Enhance Understanding of Ion Exchange Technologies

18 gen 2017 / Bala Cynwyd, PA

Purolite's global technical experts offer customized technical training sessions for ion exchange applications including industrial demineralization, metals recovery, decolorization, odor & taste control, groundwater remediation, power applications and much more. From basic training to advanced system analysis, Purolite experts help employees working with engineering companies, OEMs, and municipal and industrial IEX system operations gain a better understanding of the technologies to build better systems and get their jobs done more efficiently and effectively.

Purolite Removes Perchlorate from Municipal Drinking Water Systems

22 set 2016 / Bala Cynwyd, PA

Purolite's complete line of Purolite® ion exchange resins for perchlorate keep water safe and clean. Purolite has highly effective solutions to bring levels of perchlorate to zero detect. Although the US EPA has not yet set a MCL for Perchlorate, this chemical meets Safe Drinking Water Act criteria for regulation as a contaminant, and a MCL level will be set in the near future. Various states have MCLs and MCLGs to meet, as low as 1 µg/L.

Purolite Helps California Facility Conserve Water While Lowering Treatment Costs

14 ago 2016 / Bala Cynwyd, PA

SST® resins were selected and installed at a large California drinking water facility to treat nitrates and high hardness levels. Plant operators are beyond satisfied that salt usage and rinse water savings are at 50%! SST resins use an advanced bead structure to increase regeneration efficiency, reduce leakage and fouling, and conserve rinse and dilution water so that systems run better, with less expense and enhanced performance.

Purolite A520E Nitrate Selective Resin for Nitrate Removal

5 ago 2016 / Bala Cynwyd, PA

A major Southern California drinking water plant has selected Purolite® A520E for nitrate remediation because of the resin's superior capacity for nitrate removal. The plant is now in service, sending safe drinking water to the public. Safe water begins with superior treatment. Learn more about our nitrate removal products and determine which is best for your municipal system.

Show Off Your Water Quality Report

5 lug 2016 / Bala Cynwyd, PA

Purolite provides complete turnkey change-out services and media regeneration services for arsenic to help public water systems meet maximum contaminant level goals. Ferrix A33E is infused with iron oxide for extreme selectivity for arsenic. And best of all, it can be regenerated though an NSF/ANSI 61 approved process with full chain of custody documentation. Whether contamination results from naturally occurring substances, or man-made sources, Purolite resins and environmentally sound processes keep your water clean, clear and safe.

Multi Contaminant Removal Through Ion Exchange Resins

10 giu 2016 / Bala Cynwyd, PA

Purolite ion exchange resins for multi-contaminant removal drastically reduce contaminants found in residential, commercial and industrial drinking water. Unlike traditional multi-tank systems that require a large footprint and are expensive to operate, Purolite resins work together in layered-bed, single-tank designs that can remove multiple contaminants at once. This approach not only saves on system footprint, but also reduces the costs associated with water consumption, regeneration chemicals and wastewater disposal.

What to do When Ion Exchange Resins Become Fouled?

4 giu 2016 / Bala Cynwyd, PA

Suspended solids and other contaminants can wreak havoc on IEX system performance. Regular cleaning can prevent accumulation of solids and extend resin life. Ensuring proper regenerant quantity and proactively following step-by-step procedures for tackling fouling by bacteria, algae, iron, manganese, organics and oil can help get your system back to operating efficiently. Taking time to learn about procedures for cleaning fouled or contaminated resins can lead to better system performance.