General Information

Product Summary Guide

Inside this Product Summary Guide, you will find a broad overview of the characteristics and applications of Purolite products.
Purolite Product Summary Guide (English) 
Purolite Product Summary Guide​​​​​​​ (Japanese)
Purolite Product Summary Guide (Portuguese) 
Purolite Product Summary Guide (Spanish) 

Purolite Resin Packaging

These guides give an overview of Purolite packaging options, which include bags, boxes, drums, kegs, and tankers. Learn more about our packaging. 

Purolite Resin Packaging Guide
Purolite Tanker Delivery Service

Purolite Samples

Step-by-step tutorial on how to test a Purolite resin sample

To resquest a sample please reach out to your Purolite sales representative, or complete a Contact Us form