Praesto Jetted A50

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Praesto Jetted A50 is a high-performance agarose-based protein A resin that delivers exceptional performance in terms of capacity, pressure flow and lifetime.

Designed to meet the mAb processing demands of tomorrow, today, the combination of a highly cross-linked Praesto agarose base matrix with the NGL-Impact™ A ligand from Repligen® provides increased capacity and excellent alkaline stability, reducing your bioburden risk and improving your process efficiencies from the same manufacturing footprint.

Jetting Technology

Praesto chromatography resins contain the only uniform agarose beads on the market. This gives Praesto resins unique performance benefits when utilized in process, such as:
  • Faster mass transfer kinetics
  • Reduced column packing failures
  • Improved resolution
  • Higher flow velocities
  • Longer lifetime
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Up to 70 mg/ml mAb and up to 80 mg/ml hIgG

Alkaline Stable. At over 100 hours exposure (NaOH) to 0.1 M NaOH

The only manufacturer of uniform particle size agarose resins

Product Data

Excellent Pressure Flow Properties

The uniform particle size and highly cross-linked agarose base bead provides increased surface area without severely impacting pressure flow properties. Praesto Jetted A50 has excellent flow properties, with up to 200 cm/h achievable in a standard mAb platform process. This has been verified in process scale columns.

Alkaline Stability

Sodium hydroxide exhibits high efficiency in removing bound proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids from bioprocess resins, alleviating the risk of fouling on heavily burdened Protein A columns. Praesto Jetted A50 is alkaline stable for over 100 hours of exposure to 0.1 M NaOH, and over 30 hours of exposure to 0.5 M NaOH.

Dynamic Binding Capacity

Praesto Jetted A50 exhibits high dynamic binding capacities for conventional monoclonal antibodies, up to 70 g/L at a 10-minute residence time. Patented Jetting technology, coupled with the latest Protein A technology, allows for high capacity at even low residence times. The resin is uniquely suited to address the demands of modern bioprocessing, from high-titre cell cultures to continuous chromatography formats.


Praesto Jetted A50 Datafile


Column Packing Instructions


Praesto® Jetted A50

Typical Physical & Chemical Properties

Estrutura Polimérica

Highly cross linked agarose


Spherical, uniform size beads supplied in 20% ethanol slurry. On request 2% benzylalcohol

Grupo funcional

Protein A

Dynamic binding capacity

Up to 70 mg mAb/ml resin

Up to 80 mg hIgG/ml resin

(10 minute residence time)

Average Particle Size

50 µm

Particle size range (micron)

>95% between 35-90 µm

Pressure/Flow specifications

Up to 200 cm/h (30 x 20 cm)

Estabilidade do pH, faixa de trabalho

3 - 12

pH para estabilidade, CIP (curto prazo)

2 - 13

Armazenamento Recomendado

2 - 8 °C in 20% ethanol / 2% benzyl alcohol. Shipped in 20% ethanol / 2 % benzyl alcohol on request.