Lactoferrin Purification

Proteins obtained from dairy products are in increasing demand due to emerging applications in nutrition, pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications. Proteins such as lactoferrin can be obtained from either skimmed milk or whey derivatives.

Purolite offers two specialty cation exchange resins for dairy producers to generate additional revenue streams by purifying their existing lactoferrin protein. These products isolate and separate dairy proteins supplied on either methacrylic or agarose backbones that are both hydrophilic and ensure high compatibility with proteins to ensure the required product purity.

Chromalite MS/C
A methacrylic strong cation exchanger provides high mechanical stability, optimal porosity and is reliable under the conditions of modern industrial bioprocesses. This application can easily be retrofit into an existing system.

Praesto SP200
An agarose-based cation exchange resin, designed for large-scale biomolecule purification, including proteins, peptides and oligonucleotides, with a large particle size (200 μm). SP200 is particularly effective when purifying dairy proteins. This application utilizes specialized equipment to produce a high-grade output.

Need Help Deciding?
Purolite's technical team can run side-by-side evaluations for each application to determine the best option for your system.

Lactoferrin Purification Products by Application