Praesto Jetted A50 HipH

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The unique properties of Praesto Jetted A50 HipH address challenges in eluting pH-sensitive mAbs and Fc-containing proteins, which can become unstable at pH levels typically used for elution with other protein A resins (3 – 3.5).

This resin provides alkaline stability, capacity of 60 g/L for polyclonal human IgG and elution up to pH 5. This creates a wider operational window for your protein A step, facilitating rapid process development and processing of all Fc-containing molecules by:

  • Enabling use of a classic antibody purification platform
  • Retaining the unique specificity of protein A for high recovery and excellent productivity
  • Minimizing impact on facility fit with comparable elution volumes and buffer usage
  • Lowering levels of post-protein A contaminants, reducing polishing challenges and driving process robustness

Jetting Technology

Praesto chromatography resins contain the only uniform agarose beads on the market. This gives Praesto resins unique performance benefits when utilized in process, such as:
  • Faster mass transfer kinetics
  • Reduced column packing failures
  • Improved resolution
  • Higher flow velocities
  • Longer lifetime
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Up to 60 mg/ml dynamic binding capacity

> 95% recovery and purity

Elution up to pH 5

Aligns with proven polishing steps

Uniform beads and high mass transfer

Product Data

Innovative High pH Elution Technology

The unique ligand design allows for elution at a wider range of pH (3 - 5) when compared to conventional protein A chromatography without impacting yield, purity or elution volumes.

Alkaline Stability

Sodium hydroxide (NaOH) exhibits high efficiency in removing bound proteins, nucleic acids, and lipids from bioprocess resins, alleviating the risk of fouling on heavily burdened Protein A columns. Praesto Jetted A50 HipH maintains excellent capacity after exposure to 0.1 M NaOH for 120 hours, facilitating efficient CIP and longer resin lifetime.

Dynamic Binding Capacity

The uniform jetted bead maintains high mass transfer and high capacity even at low residence times. Praesto Jetted A50 HipH shows comparable performance for polyclonal IgG capacity to Praesto Jetted A50.


Praesto Jetted A50 HipH Datafile


Jetted A50 HipH IFU


Column Packing Instructions


Praesto™ Jetted A50 HipH

Typical Physical & Chemical Properties

Structure polymérique

Highly cross linked agarose

Groupe fonctionnel

Protein A

Average particle size (d50ᵥ), μm

50 µm

Particle size range (micron)

95% between 35-90 µm

Dynamic binding capacity

Up to ~60 mg hIgG/ml resin

Pressure/flow specifications

Up to 200 cm/h (30 x 20 cm column)

pH stability, CIP (short term)

2 - 13

pH stability, working range

3 - 12

Recommended storage

2 - 8°C in 20% ethanol / 2% benzyl alcohol. Shipped in 20% ethanol / 2 % benzyl alcohol on request.