Purolite Provides Technical Support to Improve Chemical Efficiency

A lysine facility in the Midwest was having performance issues with their cation softening system and demineralization of their water downstream. The original system design was developed with the help of Purolite Korea and the resins were purchased from Purolite USA. Additional help was provided by Purolite USA when the system was installed and first used. As there was already an existing relationship with Purolite since 2013, the facility turned to us once again for help with the softening and demineralization problems.  

The system was made up of hydrogen cycle weak acid cation softening vessels, followed by upflow strong acid cation vessels, which was then followed by a single vessel of mixed bed anions. The vessels were experiencing pressure drops, consuming excess regenerant chemicals, and the volumes produced did not meet optimal throughput.

After a thorough evaluation of the facility’s system with PuroPass™, Purolite recommended using pressurization pumps with a variable speed drive to reduce water hammer and resin exhaustion. Purolite also provided a detailed analysis of proper regenerant chemical doses which reduced chemical use by 25%. The facility was ultimately left with greater chemical and energy efficiency.

Due to the success of Purolite’s solutions, we are now responsible for all the facility’s top off and replacement orders for resin. Additionally, Purolite has been presented with an opportunity to supply resin at the company’s refinery plant.

Why Purolite?

  • Superior technical and engineering support
  • Secure product availability
  • Comprehensive system analysis and evaluation using PuroPass™