Introduction to Laboratory Testing of Ion Exchange Resins

At Purolite, we are sensitive to the amount of time and expense that are dedicated to developing new products and processes. We offer this guide which describes how to perform a lab-scale process evaluation on the effectiveness of ion exchange resins. Test results obtained and the in-depth work performed may enable further operating condition optimization. Testing of a resin will provide the user with insight on how to improve the effectiveness of that resin.

If assistance is needed for resin configuration or system design optimization during the lab study, Purolite technical experts can be contacted and, if necessary, confidentiality agreements can be arranged.

For this guide we stick to a standard testing process, but keep in mind that alternative methods may be preferable depending on the equipment available or other similar factors. Controlled lab-scale column trials generate useful, meaningful data on resin effectiveness for a given process, and can become the basis of a successful full-scale system. 

How to Test a Resin Video