Strong Acid Cation Gel products

Purolite manufactures Strong Acid Cation (SAC) exchange resins in each of our factories. These factories along with our strong distribution network of warehouse locations are positioned perfectly to serve the Americas, European, Middle East and Asia Pacific markets. 

Like most types of Purolite products, our strong acid cation ion exchange resins are available in many size gradings including uniform particle size. They are available with many types of regulatory approvals such as NSF Certified, Kosher and Halal.


Macroporous polystyrenic resins have pore structures significantly more robust than polystyrenic gel resins that allow macroporous resins to be used as catalysts as well as enable use in non-polar applications unsuitable for gel resins. This results in resins that are more osmotically and oxidatively stable and less prone to mechanical breakdown.

In general, strong acid cation macroporous ion exchange resins often provide higher selectivity than their gel counterparts.

Typical applications for Strong Acid Cation resins

Strong Acid Cation Products by Application

Demineralization - SAC Component

Mixed bed cation component

Softening - Industrial

Softening - Potable Water, Food & Beverage

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