Food Ingredients Applications

There are certain ingredients added to processed foods that are used to enrich that food or achieve some other desired result. Purolite products are used to extract and purifiy these ingredients. 

Monosodium glutamate (MSG) preserves the freshness of food and prevents early spoilage. The same is achieved by sodium benzoate or by polyphenols and other antioxidants. These molecules can be extracted using Purolite adsorbent resins. 

Alkaloids such as caffeine are extracted from coffee and tea leaves for energy drinks and carbonated beverages.

Extraction is done via the use of adsorbent resin at higher pH to maximize yield and efficiency. Caffeine can also be removed using a cation exchanger in acidic conditions where the amines are attracted to the cation exchange functional groups.

Many foods have added color to enhance their appearance and desirability by the consumer. While most colors are produced synthetically, natural color extraction is a normal application for adsorbent resin. The red color from beets or the purple color from certain potatoes can be easily and selectively extracted with the use of Purolite adsorbent resins. These natural colorants are then concentrated for use as color additives in many food applications.

Food Ingredients Products by Application