Ion Exchange Resin Simulation at Your Fingertips

Let us help you plan your next ion exchange resin project with better accuracy and less effort. Our expert engineers have built an online system that will help you to get results you can trust.

Why wait? PRSM will help you Predict (calculate the effect of your site's unique variables), Compare (side-by-side product and plant configuration performance evaluation), and Optimize (add operation and product cost analysis to better understand the value of product options).

Our system helps you:

  • Model an Existing Plant
  • Design a New Plant

Purolite's free web application for ion exchange resin plant simulation contains seven individual calculator modules that instantly consider hundreds of variables.

  1. Demineralization - Demineralize water using conventional or shallow shell resins with multi-bed design options 
  2. Softening - Soften water using conventional or shallow shell cation resins for removal of calcium, magnesium, iron and other divalent cations.
  3. WAC Sodium Cycle Softening - Remove hardness from High Total Dissolved Solids (HTDS) water using Weak Acid Cation resin in the sodium form.
  4. Nitrate Removal - Remove Nitrate from potable water using Purolite strong base anion resins.
  5. Arsenic Removal - Design an arsenic removal system using our FerrIX™ A33E, an iron-infused adsorbent.
  6. Boron Removal - Remove boron using Purolite S108, a boron selective ion exchange resin.
  7. Brine Purification - Compare the effectiveness of our IDA and AMP chelation resins at removing calcium and other divalent metals from brine.
  8. Mixed Bed - Polish demineralized water using either a working mixed bed, primary polishing mixed bed or condensate polishing mixed bed.


Key Features

  • Technical Help -  Reach out directly to Purolite engineers for advice

  • Page, Topic and Calculation Help - View detailed notes and suggestions for the optimal design

  • Efficiency Evaluation - Compare operating costs of existing ion exchange plant vs. new design

  • Reporting - Print/save a pdf of the entire design including all engineering details

  • Cloud Backup - Easy and secure retrieval of projects

  • Schedules - Obtain detailed regenerant schedules for cation and anion resins

  • ROI Payback Calculations - Contrast performance vs. standard resins