Potable and Groundwater Products

Purolite is at the forefront in meeting the new challenges of purifying water for potable water use. We continue to develop specialized ion exchange resins and adsorbent solutions focused on reducing waste and operating costs. The wide variety of contaminants needing removal often requires a customized approach. 

Some contaminants are removed by relying largely on the ion exchange properties of our resins (e.g. nitrate and uranium) while others (e.g. perchlorate and TOC) rely on the combination of unique ionic, adsorptive and hydrophobic characteristics of our specialty resins.

Our ability to customize products to remove specific contaminants sets us apart. Our capabilities are endless and our dedication is unsurpassed. 

​We are experts at removing the following from ground and potable water:

Potable & Groundwater Products by Application

Hydrogen Sulfide Removal

Manganese Removal

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