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Welcome to PRSM. Thank you for trusting Purolite with your ion exchange system design efforts. Below are step-by-step directions to setting up an account, creating a project and populating your project with single or multiple calculator.

To get started:

Important Note: PRSM is optimized to work well in Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. It is not optimized for any version of Internet Explorer. Also, PRSM automatically logs you out after 30 minutes of inactivity. 

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My Projects

The first page after signing in is the My Projects page.

In PRSM™, all individual calculators live within a project so in order to set up a calculator, you have to start a project.

my project detail example

Start a New Project

Click on + New Project and enter:

  • Project Name*

  • Customer Name*

  • City

  • State/Province

  • Country

All information entered will serve as the foundation of the project header. We recommend that all fields be utilized for better clarity as you work in PRSM.

ABC Refinery example project page

Creating a New Calculator - 1

Once you have filled in the form and hit Continue, the project opens. Here is where you can add a calculator by clicking the + New Calculator button.

New Calculator chooser pop up

Creating a New Calculator - 2

Choose the calculator you want from this list and click Continue.

New Calculator example name

Creating a New Calculator - 3

You must choose a name for your new calculator. The more descriptive the better. This name will be prominent in the title bar.

Clicking Next opens the new calculator. For this example we chose the Demineralization calculator.

Demin calculator header features

Calculator Features - The Title Bar

The top of your page identifies you Project Name, Address Information and Calculator Title within the top navy-blue title bar.

Demineralization calculator left nav features

Calculator Features - Left-hand Navigation

  • Home – Takes you to your Projects page (Note: You can also return to My Projects page by clicking on the Project name, in cyan, located within the top bar) 

  • Page Help – Gives you detailed instructions of the critical elements and the tips needed for each specific page

  • Save – Saves your design. In addition, every change you make is save instantly whether you hit save or not.

  • Support – Having trouble with a design? Ask a Purolite engineer for help. A link to your design is sent to a Purolite engineer who can give you tips or work on it with you in real-time.

  • Sign Out – Logs you off the system and takes you back to the Sign In screen.

technical support feature

Left Hand Navigation - Technical Support

If you are having trouble with your design and need assistance from our technical sales team, click on "Support" in the black left navigation. You can choose to be contacted by phone or email and tell us how we can help you. The link to your calculator will be sent to the appropriate Purolite expert in your region along with your contact information.
One of the advantages of PRSM, is the ability to work on the same calculator together to provide real-time simulation changes. Any changes made will be updated automatically.

Demineralization calculator pages features

Calculator Features - Pages

Under the top navy-blue title bar of each calculator, you will find page tabs that represent areas of critical data input and output. 

  • Water Chemistry - Enter and balance the system water chemistry. Always a great place to start.

  • Plant Layout - Select the layout of your plant and add key features.

  • System Calculations - The bulk of the essential calculations are done here.

  • Regeneration - A complete resin regeneration procedure tailored to your system.

  • Results - Print and save a pdf of your design.

Page help example

Left Hand Navigation - Page Help

In order to facilitate the design process we have incorporated Page Help for every page in every calculator. You will find definitions and expert advice on key page elements. 

Please check back to these pages for updates as we continue to improve the platform!

Demineralization calculator example

Designing Your System

Now that you understand the basic functionality of the PRSM platform, you are ready to design a system!