Did you know ion exchange resins help turn Stevia leaves into sweetener? 

Stevia is a natural sweet glycoside that is extracted from Stevia Rebaudiana Bertoni plant leaves that are primarily found in Brazil and Paraguay. It has been used in food applications for over 1,500 years. Since Stevia has zero calories and is a natural sweetener, it is popular in low-calorie food applications.

Transforming a leaf to Stevia is done by first extracting the sweetener using Purolite's PuroSorb PAD1200 adsorbent and then using cation and anion exchange resins to demineralize and decolorize the sweetener before it finds its way into various foods, drinks and consumables.

The next time you are adding Stevia in your coffee or tea, or, see it listed on your soda can, you can be assured that adsorbents and ion exchange resins had an essential role in that process.

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