Did You Know...Ion Exchange Resins Can Help Improved the Taste of the Water That Comes From Your Faucet and So Much More?

Tap water in your home may be comprised of more than hydrogen and oxygen, it can have impurities. Fortunately, there are a variety of household water filter options for your refrigerator, faucet and water pitcher. At the heart of many of these filters are ion exchange resin beads and granular activated carbon that remove unhealthy metals, organic compounds and sediment that make water taste, look and smell bad.

Leading companies that integrate filters into household items rely on Purolite’s products to fill their water filters. Each filter generally contains a combination of polymer resin beads and granular activated carbon. They work together to optimize the water by reducing sediment, chlorine, organic chemicals and metals such as lead and copper; some even remove excess alkalinity that makes it taste flat. Larger ion exchange resin filters are particularly useful for the softening of hard water.

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