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higher performance wba resins

Higher Performance Weak Base Anion Resins

Purolite A133S has been developed to provide 20-25% more throughput per cycle than current commercial weak base anion resins using the same regeneration procedure, resulting in savings that exceed the cost of the resin itself (see figure below).

Higher Capacity Weak Based Anion Resin Comparison

Purolite A133S gives superior performance in glucose, dextrose, fructose, polyols, maltodextrin and other hydrolyzate syrups

Impact on Regeneration Costs 
A throughput increase of 20-25% per service cycle equates to 20-25% less frequent regeneration with consequential savings in chemicals, sweetwater evaporation, water and waste costs.

Additional advantages of Purolite A133S that may be realized depending on operating plant requirements are:

  • Higher production rate with the same cycle time as current commercial resins.
  • Increased cycle life from a greater number of cycles before fouling reduces the through-put per cycle to the minimum level.
  • Large bead size providing minimal pressure drop and higher flow rates.
  • Excellent color removal.
  • Superior osmotic shock resistance reducing attrition losses.