Purolite Romania receives four business excellence awards

May 23, 2019 – Braşov Romania – Purolite SRL Romania was honored at the 14th annual Excellence in Business Awards Gala in Braşov. It was a very proud night for Purolite as the company was awarded with four certificates of honor and trophies for business performance—including one for exemplary Corporate Social Responsibility. Adelin Stefanache, Health, Safety and Environmental Manager, represented Purolite during the ceremonies.

The annual gala, organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Braşov, awards companies that have achieved outstanding economic performance over the past 25 years. Attended by over 400 people, including local and national government officials, the award ceremony is the most prestigious business event in Braşov. Hosting a variety of businesses, the event allows all attendees an opportunity to network with other businesses owners that share a vision of success and advancement of the Brasov community. The event ran from 6:00 pm until 10:30 pm.

As Purolite will celebrate its 25th Anniversary in Romania this year, the event was an extra special honor. Recognizing Purolite’s success, as well as the activities that support the local community in Victoria - including the most recent Purolite initiative known as “The Good Deeds Laboratory” - ignited a sense of pride.

“It is an honor to be recognized this year as well as the major employer in Victoria. But even more, Purolite products bring benefits to society in many ways including healthcare and the environment,” notes Adelin. “What makes this night more special is the recognition of the hard work of Purolite’s employees who involved themselves in the local community activities to make sure that the corporate success and generosity help improve health, education, culture, sport and environmental protection throughout Făgăraş County.”

Purolite’s Good Deeds Laboratory is an initiative that aims to support, fund and promote civic actions and projects carried out by non-governmental organizations or institutions. Anyone can suggest a project that can benefit from the Laboratory. Once submitted online, the project is reviewed for its overall contribution to the community and, if approved, is funded and carried out by Purolite and outside volunteers who can partner with Purolite to provide additional strength in numbers.

In 2019, Purolite will contribute with $30,000 USD for special projects within the Good Deeds Laboratory.

For more information on Purolite’s Good Deeds Laboratory, visit https://www.laboratoruldefaptebune.ro/