Join us in welcoming Mr. Zhao Wei to the Purolite Team in China

July 23rd, 2019 – Deqing County, China – Purolite is happy to welcome Mr. Zhao Wei to the post of Plant General Manager, China. Mr. Zhao will be responsible for overseeing all aspects of plant operations; including daily operations, health and safety management, and finance. In this new position, he will report to Satish Bapat, Global Operations Director.

Mr. Zhao originally worked for an environmental services company called Veolia, and managed the construction and implementation of the new water treatment facility at Purolites manufacturing plant in China. After spending over a year working and becoming acquainted with Purolite, he joined the company. When considering a new position, Mr. Zhao looks at the prospective success for a company. “I prioritize finding a position within a company that has fantastic sales, and a market demand. At Purolite, the demand for our product is huge. It will be up to me and the team here at the plant to ensure we continue operations and produce resin to meet the demand,” Mr. Zhao shares.

Mr. Zhao comes to Purolite with 20 years of working experience in the field of chemical, petrochemical, steel, automobile, food, electrical, and semiconductor industries. He previously worked in Business Development positions, identifying what a customer’s chemical needs are, and providing them with necessary services. Mr. Zhao also specializes in engineering, focusing on health, environmental, and safety precautions. Mr. Zhao shares that he is thankful for the time he spent working with and meeting the plant’s employees while assisting in construction for the plant. He hopes that his established friendships with the team members at the plant will help to make his transition into the position of Plant General Manager as smooth as possible.

Mr. Zhao brings a high level of experience within the chemical and engineering industries to Purolite. He holds a Master’s degree in Engineering from the National University of Singapore, and an EMBA from Hong Kong University. He is bilingual; speaking both Chinese and English, and adept at using a computer. He plans to use his experience to help continually improve the management of the plant’s safety and environmental practices.

Mr. Zhao comes to Purolite from Dequing County, China, where he lives with his wife and daughter. When not working, he enjoys running marathons, and working out at the gym. He is a fan of Japanese movies, and enjoys travelling to the beach in Southeast Asia. Mr. Zhao also shares that he is motivated by a prospective happy life, and looks forward to contributing to Purolite’s success.

On joining the company, he shares, “I have a strong background in chemical engineering and environmental safety, and hope to apply these qualities to the plant where I can, to help the production plant remain operational, efficient, and successful.”

Welcome to the team Mr. Zhao! We are happy to have you.

Contact Information
Mr. Zhao Wei
Plant General Manager
Dequing County, China
M+ (86) 15921558143