Purolite Life Sciences and ChromaTan collaborate to increase Protein A resin productivity by up to 15x

June 20 2017 — Llantrisant, South Wales, UK — Purolite, a leading provider of specialty resins, and ChromaTan Corporation, a single-use chromatography solutions provider, today announce a successful collaboration for the development and commercialization of a custom-designed, novel Protein A resin bead designed specifically to address the needs of continuous manufacturing.

The new resin bead exploits the capabilities of ChromaTan’s Continuous Countercurrent Tangential Chromatography (CCTC) system – the first resin-based, column-free chromatography system – to provide up to 15x increases in productivity for Protein A capture, intermediate and polishing steps.

With the support of multi-million dollar grants from the US government, ChromaTan’s patented CCTC platform provides steady-state and single-use continuous manufacturing, designed to increase facility productivity and flexibility, whilst enabling reductions in facility size requirements and capital expenditure.

Leveraging 35 years of resin innovation, Purolite further developed the Praesto range of agarose resins by offering a custom-designed bead that matches the exact needs of this CCTC technology. This enables a 70-80% increase in dynamic binding capacity, and doubling of resin kinetics when compared to resins designed for batch purification. Hans Johansson, Applications Manager for Purolite's Agarose business, commented, “The CCTC technology is very exciting and in-line with the current trend towards continuous manufacturing that is taking place in the biotech industry. The collaboration with ChromaTan is an excellent example of how Purolite can quickly respond and design new resins to meet the challenges of novel technologies.”

Oleg Shinkazh, CEO of ChromaTan Corporation stated, “This key partnership is a great example of a multi-disciplinary collaborative effort that is necessary to move our industry forward. By utilizing the new design space made possible by the column-free nature of CCTC, and coupled with their highly robust agarose platform, Purolite’s new resin product enables a level of performance previously unseen in process chromatography. We are very excited about introducing this revolutionary product to our customers and are looking forward to working jointly with the Purolite team on further development and commercialization of the CCTC platform for end-to-end continuous bioprocessing”.