Purolite S.R.L in Romania to invest $15M USD to build a environmentally sustainable wastewater treatment plant in Victoria

Victoria, Jud. Brasov, Romania — June 18, 2019 — Purolite will build a modern, state-of-the-art wastewater treatment plant at the company’s production facility in Victoria, Jud. Brasov, Romania.

Purolite has signed with a global water treatment company, The WABAG Group out of their local Bucharest, Romania, office. WABAG is a world leader in water management for industrial and municipal sectors and will design, build and operate (DBO) the $15 million USD facility. The plant will take advantage of multiple treatment systems and be highly efficient at purifying wastewater effluent, preventing undesirable odors from entering the atmosphere and enabling water to be reused. The plant design will prioritize conservation, optimization and reuse to make the plant highly sustainable and less impactful to the environment.

To date, the site has been secured and prepared for a geotechnological study. Additionally, an underground conduit system is being permitted and run according to local permitting regulations and safety practices.

Purolite has worked closely with WABAG since 2018 to develop a customized treatment solution that involves aerobic, anaerobic, membrane and chemical/physical processes that reduce the burden on water sources and ensure the highest quality of treatment for wastewater that will meet national discharge regulations.

Currently, the water is processed by an aging facility built in the 1950s. Purolite S.R.L. has operated as a production facility in Victoria for over 24 years and has never had an environmental / water quality breach. However, a new state-of-the-art facility is necessary to maintain high-quality water treatment. Environmental standards are becoming more stringent globally—and Romania is not an exception. The plant will meet the NTPA001 standard as required by Romanian law.

In addition to a design and build partnership, WABAG will use their expertise to efficiently operate and maintain the plant for a 15-year duration. This will enable them to continually update the plant with the newest, best technologies, and allow Purolite to do what we do best—develop, produce and expand resin-based technologies to support the life sciences and other integral industries.

WABAG is a full-service water specialist with over 90 years of experience building over 6,000 plants. They operate in 20 countries across 4 continents and are leaders in developing and operating customized and optimal solutions for treating water. They have won many awards in recognition of their sustainability and smart design initiatives.

Romania is home to Purolite’s FDA-inspected and GMP compliant pharmaceutical manufacturing plant. The location manufactures products that promote human health and wellbeing and undergoes regular audits from global health authorities. Purolite Romania employs over 280 people in Victoria, and is an integral part of Purolite’s network of over 40 global offices and production facilities worldwide.