Purolite Launches Next-Level Innovation of Ion Exchange Resin Simulation Platform

Contact: Suzanne Myers 
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King of Prussia, PA – March 3, 2020 – Purolite Corporation announces the launch of Purolite Resin System Modeling platform or PRSM™, the latest in resin plant simulation. PRSM is a free cloud-based program that models all aspects of plant design associated with ion exchange resin performance and operation.

Developed by a team of engineers and based on decades of experience, PRSM was designed to be the go-to source for architectural engineers, original equipment manufacturers and those evaluating IX resin usage. PRSM considers 900+ variables that optimize ion exchange products and quantities based on a site’s unique needs. The customized reports provide performance evaluations for various product and plant configurations – either for new or existing plants designs.

The PRSM platform currently is comprised of six calculators: Water softening, demineralization, WAC sodium cycle softening, and modules for removal of nitrate, arsenic and boron. Additional modules such as Mixed Bed, Brine Purification and PFAS removal are under development.

Key features include technical help functionality with real-time answers by Purolite’s engineers, quick side-by-side comparison of alternate designs, detailed wastewater calculations and regenerant schedules for resins selected, and ROI payback calculations for comparing resin options.

“PRSM is a gamechanger for our industry because it incorporates not just plant design capabilities but operating cost information that can help engineers to make better decisions” states Francis Boodoo, director of applied technologies for Purolite Corporation. “We hope that access to real-time technical help with simultaneous viewing of calculator screens will enhance the user experience and allow customers to feel confident in designing and evaluating new and existing systems.”

To learn more about PRSM and to utilize the platform, visit www.purolite.com/PRSM.

About Purolite Corporation
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