Purolite® Protein A chromatography resin implemented into FDA-approved commercial manufacturing of monoclonal antibody treatments

Purolite Ltd., Cardiff, South Wales - Purolite Ltd., a leading manufacturer of resin-based separation, purification and extraction technologies, today announces that Praesto® Jetted A50, an agarose-based Protein A chromatography resin, has been incorporated into the commercial manufacturing process of an FDA-approved monoclonal antibody treatment by one of the world’s leading contract manufacturing organizations.

Praesto resins are an integral technology used by biopharmaceutical developers for the purification of modern medicines for the treatment of cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, dementia and diabetes. Praesto Jetted A50, launched in April 2018, is Purolite’s ‘best-in-class’ Protein A chromatography resin, utilizing a patented, ‘Jetting’ manufacturing technology for uniform resin beads, a highly desirable characteristic for chromatographic applications.

Chris Major, Global Sales and Marketing Director for the Agarose business, comments, “This is another milestone and a proud achievement for Purolite. Praesto Jetted A50 is the only commercially available Protein A resin to offer uniform beads, a feat only achievable through Purolite’s proprietary Jetting technology. Praesto resins are currently incorporated into over 200 PI – PIII clinical trials and resin screening projects globally, and we supply 10 of the world’s largest biopharmaceutical developers and CMOs. For major global organizations to be recognizing and adopting the extensive benefits of Jetting less than two years after launch is a testament to our commitment and success in bringing forward-thinking, practical antibody purification solutions into what was previously a stagnant marketplace.
Purolite has invested over $150 million into a global innovation program in recent years, including doubling the production capacity of our Jetting technology to facilitate growing demand. With this expansion we look forward to continuing to meet customer requirements for improved security of supply, reduced lead times and high-performance of modern Protein A resins.”

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