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December 3, 2018 — Lisbon, Iowa, USA—Purolite Corporation recently commissioned Global Water Services, LLC to serve as the Midwest distribution point for Purolite ion exchange, adsorbent and other resin products. Located on Washington Street in Lisbon, Iowa, the new facility will stock Purolite resins for the industrial water treatment market.

The warehouse is located near major East/West and North/South arterial highways of I-80 and I-380 as well as nearby I-35, which allows efficient distribution and shipping for customers. The facility also supports rail and water transport through railway lines and barge transport facilities that are nearby.

Oliver Baumann, Sales Director for Purolite’s Midwest, Southwest and West Regions is enthusiastic about the new warehouse partnership with Global Water Services. “Global Water is very respected in the industry for their knowledge and reliability. Demand for resins is high all over. It is our hope that Purolite customers in Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, North Dakota, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin will be able to receive their products faster through this regional stocking warehouse.”

Keith Huebner, President and CEO of Global Water services notes, “Our Eastern Iowa location allows us to respond to requests to 80% of the Country within 24 hours, which will provide Purolite customers a tremendous time advantage for receiving orders. We will continue to build great relationships with Purolite’s customers.”

Global Water Services was founded in 2010 to support industrial and commercial water treatment professionals with consulting, design, startup, commissioning and on-line services. Global Water Services works with all types of facilities where failure of a water treatment system will cause shutdown of the plant’s production or will cause a significant impact to the operation of the facility, including power generation stations, food and beverage facilities, refineries, hotels and resorts, medical facilities and other critical industries.