Matteo Garegnani Promoted To Applications Director EMEA Region

January 25, 2019 – Europe, Middle East, Africa – Purolite is proud to announce the promotion of Matteo Garegnani to the position of Applications Director EMEA Region. In this role, Matteo will provide technical services to our customers in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa, helping them identify the most useful product or system to solve their application challenges. Matteo will report to Francis Boodoo, Director of Applied Technologies.

Matteo has been with Purolite for 18 years, joining the Technical Team in 2001. In his previous position, Matteo provided technical services to our Italian office. In his new position, he will be available to provide technical services and assistance to the 16 offices located within the EMEA Region .

“The positivity and motivation exhibited by my co-workers has made my time with Purolite enjoyable. The environment we operate in is highly productive and efficient, and it is clear everyone is trying to achieve further growth of our company,” mentions Matteo, when referring to his experience with Purolite.

Matteo specializes in metals plating processes, and the general application of our resin products. He plans to use these skills to further educate our sales force on our product’s technical applications, resulting in better service to our customers.

“I know that Matteo will be an absolutely great resource to Purolite’s Application Team in the EMEA Region,” comments Francis Boodoo. Francis emphasized that Matteo’s technical knowledge of our products made him the perfect candidate to provide technical services on a larger scale. “I want our salespeople to be able to reach out to Matteo whenever a project presents an obstacle. He has a broad understanding of how our resin and our resin systems work, and this can be applied to many more projects.”

“I look forward to utilizing my experience in the field of applied technologies to contribute to Purolite’s growth on a larger scale. I am also excited to be given the opportunity to interact with my international co-workers more frequently.” Explains Matteo, when asked what he looks forward to in his new role.

Purolite wishes Matteo the best of success in his new position!