Dan Teeters Joins the Team as Purolite's new National Service and Technical Support Manager

September 30, 2019 – Fullerton, CA, USA – Purolite is excited to welcome Dan Teeters to the team! Dan joins Purolite as our National Service & Technical Support Manager. In this new position, he be responsible for service management, and support of the Applications Engineering team. Dan will report to Francis Boodoo, Director of Applied Technologies, and Oliver Baumann, Director of Sales in the Midwest Southwest, and West.

Dan connected with Purolite through Cathy Swanson, who introduced him to Oliver Baumann. Because of his experience in Nuclear Power and Groundwater Remediation, Oliver wanted him on the team, and offered him the position. “I was drawn to Purolite because it is evident that the company values trust, support, and integrity. I’m excited to be part of a company with such a positive business model and strong values,” Dan expands on why he chose Purolite.

Dan is a longtime veteran of the water and nuclear industries. He spent the first eighteen years of his career as a nuclear power plant operator, first in the Navy, then at Detroit Edison. He has worked with several water treatment companies in various selling, operational and management rolls; Crane Environmental, GE Water and Process Technologies, Siemens/Evoqua Water Technologies, giving him a wealth of knowledge in ion exchange and membranes. He also spent some time in water distribution at Grundfos then at Waterman Valve. His experience and contacts will support our industrial and groundwater treatment business’ growth.

Dan attended the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations in Newport Michigan, where he studied the operations and engineering of Nuclear Power plants and systems. He also attended Rio Solado, located in Tempe, Arizona, where he studied water and wastewater treatment - a subject he is very passionate about. “I specialize in groundwater remediation, because I understand how prominent issues on safe drinking water can be, even in the United States,” Dan shares.

Dan is friendly, outgoing, professional, and confident. He specializes in problem solving, and enjoys educating and training both his sales team, and the customer. “I love teaching. When my sales team knows the products inside and out, they can provide better service to our customers. Respectively, when the customer is educated and well-versed on the proper use of their systems, it means less service calls for my team. There’s nothing more satisfying than leaving a customer with all the knowledge they need to properly operate their systems without issue,” he explains.

Dan comes to Purolite from Fullerton, CA, where he lives with his wife. He has two children, two stepchildren, a cat, and a dog. When not busy troubleshooting a system, Dan enjoys cooking, especially barbequing. His famous recipes are a “low and slow” pulled pork, and a sausage and peppers dish. His favorite vacation was a trip to Ireland, where he had the chance to compare farming techniques, lifestyle, and education standards with those in the U.S., which he found intriguing. His secret talent – he can figure anything out, from DIY furniture to a difficult recipe. “I love the art of being able to create with my hands. Manual labor is like an art, wether I’m building a new system, or making an amazing recipe, it’s amazing to see what I can accomplish on my own,” Dan shares.

“I come to Purolite with tremendous background experience in design, operations, and sales of water systems. I hope to bring the operations side of this to Purolite’s applications in groundwater remediation, where control of quality is crucial, because I think it will open many new doors for us to provide our customers with more service-oriented solutions," Dan comments on his new position.

Welcome to the Team Dan! We are happy to have you!

Contact Information
Dan Teeters
National Service and Technical Support Manager
Fullerton, CA, USA
M +1 (714) 292-0110