Chris Bailey Joins East Coast Sales Team

June 10, 2019 – Boca Raton, Florida, USA – Purolite is proud to introduce Chris Bailey, the newest addition to the East Coast Sales Team. Chris will assist in technical sales of our product to customers within his territory, functioning as Southeast Regional Manager. Chris joins the team from Boca Raton Florida, and will report to Ted Begg, East Coast Sales Director.

Chris found Purolite through a recruiting agency. When considering a position at Purolite, Chris looked closely at the company’s culture. “One of my top priorities when looking for a new position is the culture of the company,” Chris expands, “I want to work at a company where the employees socialize and have a welcoming environment. Purolite’s employee-focused events as well as the unity of all of the global offices and different teams made it seem perfect for the next steps in my career.”

Chris comes to Purolite with an extensive technical background he gained from a variety of sales, engineering, and chemical jobs; his most recent position having been Product and Business Manager for Service Deionization, Light Industry, and Digitization with Evoqua Water Technologies. Chris graduated from the University of Phoenix, based in Philadelphia, PA, with a Bachelor’s degree in Management, and a Masters in Marketing; further contributing to his sales/application focus.

Chris comes to Purolite with strong application skills, ready to troubleshoot customer’s systems, or identify new leads and opportunities for business. He highlights his most important technical skill as “knowing the answer to a question, or where to find it.” Chris is well versed in almost any electronic platform, including SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Oracle, Microsoft Analytics, and CRM. He hopes that his fellow employees will appreciate his sense of humor.

Chris resides in Boca Raton with his wife and three dogs, Max, Miley and Gigi. His favorite activities in the area include spending time on the beach, playing golf and water sports. His favorite food is Ramen, and he recommends the Ramen Laboratory restaurant to anyone visiting the Boca Raton area. Some of Chris’s hobbies include reading, golfing, and playing with his dogs. He used to run cross country, wrestle, and be a part of a gymnastics team, although he would like us to know that he can no longer do a backflip. He is motivated by the successful feelings of winning and accomplishment.

On joining Purolite, Chris would like his fellow team members to know, “I have a vast experience in the industry, and I look forward to applying it to grow the resin business at Purolite.”

Welcome to Purolite, Chris!

Contact Information
Chris Bailey
Southeast Regional Manager
Boca Raton
T+ 847 826-6669