Purolite China's R&D Institute certified as a Key Technologies R&D Program and awarded government grant

After a year of hard work and continuous efforts by Purolite employees, the Chinese Government announced that it has certified Purolite’s Research and Development Institute as a Government Senior-Level Subsidized Project. As published in item 129 of the “2018 Notice of the Newly Confirmed List of Provincial-Level Enterprise Research Institutes,” Purolite’s R&D institute in Zhejiang Province will be formally called the “Zhejiang Provincial RD Institute of Purolite Ion Exchange Resins.” This level of certification, which is accompanied by a government grant and tax cuts, will be utilized in 2019 to continue researching and developing new products for our resin.

“Personally, I feel this project is the strictest of all the government technical projects that we have applied for until now,” mentions Amy Xiang, Quality Assurance Manager at Purolite’s Chinese manufacturing facility. To gain the approval and support of the government, Purolite’s Chinese offices and plant underwent various assessments and reviews by the County’s Science and Technology Bureau. The criteria for the 2018 certification was particularly strict. To qualify as a Provincial R&D Institute Purolite China’s manufacturing plant was held to high standards on reviews of the company’s impact on the environment, and the effectiveness of safety practices.

The team worked hard to strengthen our safety and environmental presence, meeting the criteria of a Senior Level Government Research Project. As the Chinese Government is beginning to pay more attention to environmental and safety compliance, the management team worked closely to be in full compliance with the new standards and strengthen our relations with Chinese environmental officers. With the proactive efforts of management and employees, Purolite’s Chinese Research and Development Institute far exceed the requirements for the certification.

With the new recognition of its R&D institute, and the accompanying government grant, Purolite China plans to increase the number of R&D projects, aiming to complete six or more R&D projects each year. Purolite’s Chinese plant will also apply for a patent on at least one invention each year and invest additional resources in the environmental impact and safety of our plants to maintain the safe and productive environment that earned us this certification.

“Our plan with this certification is to have our Technical Department of Purolite (China) Co., Ltd become a universally known and appreciated technical center in the Zhejiang Province and in China—as well as in the resin industry. This will not only help us to maintain and obtain further government awards and support on technical and other government funded projects, but also increase our recognition with potential customers. The certificates and awards certainly speak to our position of a leading high-tech company and good business reputation.” States Dr. Ma, Technical Director of the R&D Institute, when asked to describe Purolite’s future plans with this new certification.

Congratulations and thank you to the Purolite team in China, who’s hard work and dedication to this project has brought us this new opportunity. With this news, it is certain that 2019 will be a very successful year!

In an attempt to encourage economic and technological growth, the Chinese Government offer various levels of subsidies and recognition to qualified businesses. The county’s Bureau for each industry assesses companies on various qualifying factors to determine what level of support and recognition each company deserves. Having a higher level of recognition indicates a company is reliable; providing a high level of quality and service. Additionally, recognition by the Chinese Government as a supported project (called subsidiaries) is considered very honorable, and improves the company’s reputation in the marketplace. Companies recognized by their county’s Bureau of Science and Technology can receive government grants and tax cuts each year to support their advances in research and development of new products. Every two years, companies must re-apply and re-pass all of the government reviews to continue receiving the government funding.