Bob Moore Celebrates 30 Years at Purolite

Purolite congratulates our Manager of Sweetener and Catalyst technology, Robert Moore, on 30 years of service with the company.

During his 30 years, Bob has provided technical support for all Purolite’s offices worldwide in the sugar, sweetener, catalyst and Lifetech industries. When he started in 1990, he was responsible for the sugar and sweetener industries within the United States. As Purolite’s markets and sales team grew, catalyst responsibilities were added to his role. He grew to provide technical support for all Purolite’s global offices.

Bob’s biggest achievement during his time with Purolite was creating the Sugar, Sweetener and Chromatographic Separation brochure which became the industry standard. He enjoys the challenges of innovating new processes and products and assisting in troubleshooting.

“I wouldn’t have lasted if it wasn’t fun! I’ve had great times with my colleagues,” he noted.  Bob also enjoys Purolite’s family-like company culture.

Congratulations to Bob Moore on 30 years! We look forward to seeing what you do next.