A Closer Look: Running Past Amine Break 

By Christopher Bailey, AVP – US Sales, Purolite Core

In the world of nuclear power, ensuring the safe and efficient operation of plants is paramount. One efficient aspect in this regard is "Running Past the Amine Break," in which the ion exchange plays a vital role in maintaining the integrity of the steam generator boiler water. Amine solutions are commonly used in nuclear power plants for corrosion control, such as removing carbon dioxide from reactor coolant. These amines will load on resins, competing with unwanted impurities on the resins. However, with adequately conditioned resins, the amine can be fully loaded on the resin, allowing amines to break or pass through the resins, yet unwanted impurities are still removed. Operating past this break saves time and resources and significantly extends resin life. 

Ion exchange systems continue to operate efficiently, even during an amine break. By doing so, we can minimize the impact of degradation products on the overall plant performance.

To learn more about how ion exchange can support your plant and help to protect your nuclear system against corrosion, extend the unit's life, and maintain a safe environment from radioactive isotopes, visit: Nuclear Grade Resin | Purolite | www.purolite.com .

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