The Art of Column Packing

Chromatographic column packing is often described as 'more art than science' when it comes to achieving consisent, optimal results. When packing is not performed correctly, you risk either expensive downtime from having to start your packing procedure over, or an overall drop in product quality from a non-homogeneous packed bed.

To have a robust, reliable and optimized chromatography process, you need to have a properly packed and qualified column, which ensures:
  • maximum efficiency;
  • high product yield;
  • high purity.
The key challenge though, is achieving consistent, optimal packing characteristics at your first attempt, whether you're packing columns at pilot or process scale.


Replacing the 'Art' with Science

We have expanded our Agarose resin manufacturing facility with the addition of a modern column packing suite, equipped with best-in-class pilot and process-scale equipment to match our best-in-class Praesto resin performance. 
The suite enables us to provide expert, hands-on training to increase your packing success rates at both pilot and process scales, as well as demonstrate scale-up performance of our full Praesto MAb purification range.

Whether you use manual or automated packing methods, talk to our Applications Support Team today for expert, hands-on guidance on:
  •  Packing
  •  Unpacking
  •  Column Priming
  •  Pressure Flow Testing
  •  Column Efficiency Testing
  •  Slurry and Buffer Preparation



ÄKTA pilot 600

Maximum flow of 600 ml/min (1200 ml/min in dual flow mode), capable of packing and running pressure flow studies in columns up to 10 cm ID.

Axichrom 70 Column
7 cm ID automated axial compression column for use with the ÄKTA pilot system.



A versatile platform offering maximum flow of 600 L/h, for use in packing and running pressure flow tests in columns up to 30 cm ID.

BPG300 Column
A 30 cm ID manual axial compression column for use with AKTA Process system.

Axichrom 600 Column
A 60 cm ID production scale column with automated axial compression, fully equipped with Axichrom master control system for column packing.

150 L slurry stirring vessel
Generates a homogenous slurry, ensuring a well-packed column and a robust and efficient purification process. For automated packing with Axichrom 600 column.

Quatroflow Pump
1200L/h capacity pump, enabling accurate pressure flow testing of the AxiChrom 600 column

The Praesto​​​​​ Range

Different chromatography resins each require different packing strategies for success. We provide guidance on packing:

Affinity Chromatography
Praesto Jetted A50
Praesto AP
Praesto APc
Praesto AC

Ion Exchange Chromatography
Praesto SP
Praesto Q
Praesto Jetted SP35
Praesto Jetted Q35