Purolite Helps California Facility Conserve Water While Lowering Treatment Costs

SST® resins were selected and installed at a large California drinking water facility to treat nitrates and high hardness levels. Plant operators are beyond satisfied that salt usage and rinse water savings are at 50%. SST resins use an advanced bead structure to increase regeneration efficiency, reduce leakage and fouling, and conserve rinse and dilution water so that systems run better, with less expense and enhanced performance.

SST resins deliver better throughput with reduced chemical regenerant usage and minimal leakage. Each bead features a uniform depth of functionality, so all beads react at the same rate for consistent performance. The Shallow Shell Technology structure shortens the diffusion path and creates more rapid ion exchange. The beads also resist osmotic shock, which extends the life of the resin.

Key Advantages
• Requires 15% less regenerant chemicals to achieve equal or better operating performance
• Provides up to 50% savings in rinse and dilution water
• Reduces leakage by over 20% at same regenerant dosage as traditional resin
• Suitable for co-flow, counter-flow and packed bed systems
• Supports ISO 14001:2004 initiatives toward environmental management and impact; uses less chemical regenerant and generates less waste