Purolite Removes Perchlorate from Municipal Drinking Water Systems

Perchlorate is a major health issue, particularly in the USA. Trace parts per billion levels have been detected in potable water supplies in at least 22 states. Even though the US EPA has yet to set a MCL, perchlorate is now regulated by several states at maximum levels ranging from 1 ppb to 6 ppb.

Purolite continues to lead the industry with a comprehensive line of single-use and regenerable resins for perchlorate removal. Below is a listing of the major resins used for remediation of contaminated ground or potable water:

Purolite A532E – single use “load & burn”
Purolite A530E – single use or regenerable*
Purolite A520E – single use or regenerable*
Purolite A850 – brine regenerable
* Regeneration is possible using a tetrachloroferrate process patented by Oak Ridge National Laboratories and available from third parties.

Also, in conjunction with Applied Research Associates, we offer our WIP perchlorate removal process, using patented regenerable weak base anion resin technology. This technology is ideally suited for elevated levels of perchlorate (e.g. 100 to 1,000 ppb and higher). The technology has also been demonstrated to simultaneously remove perchlorate and nitrate and has the capability to remove other oxyanions (e.g. selenate, chromate, molybdate, pertechnetate, perrhenate).

Purolite A532E and Purolite A530E are hydrophobic anion resins that offer the highest selectivity for perchlorate and pertechnetate. 

Purolite provides a full array of services with experienced personnel for handling all resin operations to end users and OEMs.

In the USA, we utilize our bulk tankers for fast and efficient unloading and loading of resins. We contract with approved facilities for disposal of spent resins by incineration and can provide a final certificate to show proper waste resin disposal, using full chain-of-custody controls.

Advantages of Purolite ion exchange resins for perchlorate removal include:
• Low operating cost with simple system design, requiring minimum operator attention.
• Reliable capacity projections available using proprietary simulator software combined with field data.
• Customizable solution for simultaneous removal of other oxyanions.
• Single responsible source, providing full service capability for all resin operations.