Ferrix A33E for Arsenic Removal From Water

Arsenic is a toxic substance with varying degrees of regulation. The standard MCL for arsenic in drinking water for the USA is 10 ppb.

FerrIX A33E is an iron-infused anion resin that uses iron oxide to complex and remove pentavalent and trivalent arsenic from water. FerrIX A33E reduces arsenic levels to < 2 ppb and is ideal for municipal treatment plants, point-of-entry (POE) and point-of-use (POU) systems. It is compatible with most existing lead-lag or parallel design configurations and is recommended for either single use or for applications needing off-site regeneration.

For water systems where brine regeneration is feasible, we recommend Purolite A300E anion resins to remove only the pentavalent form of arsenic. Pre-oxidation is recommended for converting the trivalent to the pentavalent form before removal by the resin. Any excess of oxidant must be removed before contact with the resin.