Pharmaceutical Industry: Optimizing operating systems using with ion exchange resins, adsorbents and other high-performance polymers

Purolite resins can be applied in the manufacture of medicines for taste masking, controlled release of API, excipients and disintegrators of tablets. We support the leading companies in the segment by supplying excipients such as Purolite C115KMR/5100 (Polacrilin Potassium), as well as the active pharmaceutical ingredients Purolite C100CaMRNS (Calcium Polystyrene Sulfonate) and Purolite A430MR (Cholestyramine).

In addition, it is possible to utilize resins for the purification and recovery of antibiotics, vitamins, proteins and other processes. For the purification of Vitamin E (Tocopherol), we recommend Purolite A503MBOH/4363 and in Vitamin B12 production, we suggest Purolite C115E resin. In the production of Omega 3, we prescribe our immobilized enzyme, Purolite’s Lifetech™ CalB immo Plus.

Our PuroMillTM line polymers are used as API milling media to produce ultrafine nanoparticles, cell membrane disruptors for better biological availability and to improve the solubility of small molecules. Did you know that it is possible to extract heparin and chondroitin sulfate with some of our anionic resins?

In the production of laxatives, we work on the purification of lactulose using Purolite C100x10H and Purolite A847. Another well-established application in the pharmaceutical market is the purification of hydrolyzed collagen from bovine, pork or fish. For odor and taste removal, we offer an adsorbent, MacronetTM MN102 and recommend Purolite A420S for color removal.

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