Purolite Training Seminars

Purolite offers customized training for ion exchange applications, including industrial demineralization, metals recovery, decolorization, odor & taste control, groundwater remediation, condensate polishing, boiler & steam generator operation, regeneration processes and MUCH more.

Our experts are located across the globe, and can provide ion exchange training from the basic fundamentals to tackling the most complex water chemistries. Each session is prepared specifically to address customer project and treatment challenges. Sessions are well organized and offers a curriculum designed to help customer sales and application teams analyze more effectively and perform their jobs more efficiently. 

Training is designed to foster a better understanding of ion exchange overall. 

In a recent session in central California, Purolite's Western Regional Sales Manager, David LaRose, presented information to an engineering firm specializing in industrial and municipal water treatment. Dave introduced the basic principles behind the ion exchange process, capabilities of various resins and an array of treatment options for specific problems that the firm faces in daily operations. Additionally, Dave introduced Purolite's Shallow Shell technology resins, and the group was very excited to learn about the SST® product line and the savings it provides in many areas of water treatment. 

Seminars can be organized with Purolite as the sole trainer, or co-moderated with our customer's internal experts. Either way, attendees get a much broader perspective of ion exchange technology and applications.

"We are finding that many internal experts on plant ion exchange systems are approaching retirement age. This puts a large burden on the company to transfer this system expertise and knowledge to the next generation," notes Mr. LaRose. "Our training helps attendees get a broader view of their systems, and helps companies realize that Purolite will always be available to help them out with quality resins and superior technical service."

The training is ideal for Engineering companies involved with ion exchange technologies, equipment manufacturers, and any industrial or municipal operator of an ion exchange system. For many attendees, the practical, everyday aspects and focus on application training has been mentioned as the most important reason to organize and attend Purolite seminars.

Comments from training attendees include:

  • "We expected a marketing show—nice to be disappointed and see that it was a technical training course."
  • "A great seminar…professional presentation and experienced speakers…the trouble shooting section was excellent."
  • "I learned a lot which will help me in operation of my water treatment plant. I would recommend to colleagues."
  • "I've attended a lot of training sessions. Seeing and speaking with people at the end of this one—it is clear they really enjoyed it and got a lot out of it."

Dr. Frank Galbrecht, Diplom Chemiker of Purolite in Germany notes, “One of the greatest compliments is that many attendees took the time to say ‘many thanks’ as we came to the end of the training. It was a fantastic experience for both the people who came to present—as well as those who came to listen and learn.”

For more information, contact your local sales representative by visiting, http://www.purolite.com/locations.