Ion Exchange Technical Seminar Invitation

Purolite is pleased to extend an invitation to attend a technical seminar, “Ion Exchangers for Demineralization and Electroplating: Theory and Practice.” The seminar, hosted and instructed by Purolite sales and engineer technical experts, will be held June 20-21 at Relexa Hotel Airport Düsseldorf-Ratingen in Ratingen and November 22-23 at GHotel Hotel & Living Würzburg in Würzburg, Germany.

Water treatment with resins is one of the essential processes for the proper functioning of an industrial factory. Theoretical knowledge and proper practices are essential to optimize water production and intervene quickly in case of incidents. Purolite has developed and manufactured ion exchange resins for over 40 years. These seminars include safe operation, avoiding errors, troubleshooting and problem areas.

The seminar, which will be presented in German, is ideal for technical managers and operators of installations and engineers using ion exchange resins.

Seminar objectives:
- Basics
- Optimization options
- Aging mechanisms
- Troubleshooting
- Care and maintenance
- Special treatments
- Analysis options

June 20-21, 2023 at Relexa Hotel Airport Düsseldorf-Ratingen, Berliner Straße 95-97, 40880 Ratingen
November 22-23, 2023 at GHotel Hotel & Living Würzburg, Schweinfurter Straße 3, 97080 Würzburg

The cost is 655 EUR per participant, including lunch both days and dinner on Day 1. To register, please email You will receive a confirmation of your registration accompanied by the final seminar agenda. Seating for these events are limited.

For Additional Information:
Fabian Marchi, Sales Manager
Purolite GmbH
Gothaer Str. 4
40880 Ratingen
Fax: 02102-443663

Technical Seminar Invitation (in German)