Handling Gelatin and Collagen Application Challenges

We heard from our customers that they have challenges with collagen's decolorization and odor. Demineralization is a key challenge for both gelatin and collagen. Purolite has helped them by providing tailored resins to address each of these issues effectively.

For discoloration of collagen, Purolite® A420S polystyrenic gel, Type I strong base anion resin is a proven winner. It offers high sorptive capacity and efficient regeneration.

For removal of odor and taste from collagen we recommend Macronet™ MN102 polystyrenic macroporous, adsorbent resin. It offers high mechanical strength and high surface area compared to standard adsorbents. Purolite offers treatment options for all types of collagen, including fish.

Some of our most popular products to address the challenge of demineralization of gelatin and collagen include Purolite PPC150SH polystyrenic macroporous, strong acid cation resin; Puropack® PPA133S polystyrenic macroporous, weak base anion resin and Purofine® PFA500SPlus polystyrenic macroporous, Type I strong base anion resin, which are tailored for removal of potassium, chlorides and sulfates.

Purolite technical teams can assist in projects utilizing ion exchange and adsorption resins. Visit us online or ask us how.