Did you Know Resin Technology Can Help to Clean Blood for Each Donation?

When someone donates blood plasma to a blood bank, it needs to be clean of disease. After the donation, a viral inactivator is added to destroy any transmittable diseases via blood plasma and platelets. The viral inactivator needs to be removed.

That is where Purolite comes in. Purolite's resin absorbent technology will remove the inactivator left behind allowing the plasma and platelets to be used by patients. This process makes it possible for a person who has a transmittable disease can safely donate their blood plasma to help others.

Purolite's PuroSorb™ polymeric adsorbents are synthetic polymers that are highly cross-linked and have a highly porous structure as part of the polymer matrix. These adsorbents in many cases may replace carbon, a common generic adsorbent. These adsorbents exhibit non-polar or hydrophobic tendencies which means they readily adsorb highly soluble organic compounds.