Did You Know...Resins Can Be Used to Remove Sulfite From Wine?

Sulfites are a food preservative and are widely used in winemaking because they can maintain the flavor and freshness by helping to minimize the oxidation and preventing bacterial growth for prolonged shelf life.

However, while adding sulfites does have benefits, it does come at a cost to some with stomach pain, headaches, hives and swelling.

To help the wine industry with this issue of removing sulfite from both red and white wines to improve the taste for consumers, Purolite provides selective resin.

This process uses an amine base resin with a high affinity for the sulfur compound and removes the sulfite and takes the wine back to its natural state.  When wine passes through a specially designed resin-filled filter, the resin removes the sulfite without affecting its taste or color.

The filter concept consists of a small pod containing several grams of resin designed for use on a bottle of wine as well as an individual glass. It enables the company to proceed to market with a safe, consistently effective product without undergoing scrutiny for chemical additives.