Amanda Dolan Named Finalist in 2019 SuperNova Awards by Constellation Research

August 20th, 2019 — Purolite today announced that our CRM Integration Manager Amanda Dolan was named a finalist in the ninth annual Constellation SuperNova Awards. As digital transformation evolves across industries and geographies, organizations must make deeper investments to create real impact. This prestigious program recognizes teams and leaders for their innovative application of disruptive technology and transformative initiatives. Purolite’s CRM Zoho was chosen as a leading program in the Tech Optimization and Modernization category.

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As a manufacturer that continues to modernize, optimize, and cut costs where possible, Purolite in 2016 had planned a self-built Intranet solution that would have cost the company $250,000 and required additional IT staff for support. Once Purolite realized the time and expense related to a self-built project, it began looking at other options (including Salesforce). Like many fast-growing enterprise operations, Purolite had disparate legacy applications and systems that were not scalable and could not support its audit and reporting needs. Additionally, some were incompatible with modern integration capabilities and most lacked a cohesive workflow process.

Purolite started off as a Zoho Customer Relationship Management (CRM) customer in 2013 and its success with that application has led the company to investigate additional Zoho business solutions. As Purolite learned more about Zoho One’s suite of services, it determined that Zoho One could meet its business, research, and reporting needs. Zoho One would eliminate the expense of the self-build option, retire legacy systems, and increase productivity with the elimination of inefficient work-arounds to achieve results. The results include a 271 percent ROI as well as:
  • Cost savings: Purolite has saved $100,000 annually by eliminating inefficient and redundant legacy software and hardware.
  • Enhanced accounting and auditing: Purolite is able to upload data for analysis and produce reports more quickly and easily with an automatic audit trail. Previously, two administrators spent 20 percent of their time producing weekly reports.
  • Avoided expenses: Purolite was able to circumvent the extra time and big expense of creating its own IT solution.
  • Improved productivity: Purolite administrators were able to save more than 800 hours annually by way of improvements to workflow with automated reporting systems.
“As we enter a post-digital world, business transformation has emerged as both an art and a science,” said R “Ray” Wang, chairman and founder of Constellation Research. “The finalists selected for the 2019 SuperNova Awards represent individuals, teams and organizations who have pushed the limits of their culture, business model and technology to deliver on the art of the possible. What sets them apart is their ability to succeed at scale.”

“Deploying Zoho One at Purolite has been both challenging and extremely rewarding. It has been fun to work through automation of our business processes. I love seeing our employees collaborating and communicating in new ways!” expresses Amanda Dolan.

The 2019 SuperNova Award judges, comprised of technology thought leaders and journalists, selected finalists who demonstrated success in implementing leading-edge business models and emerging technologies for their organizations. Finalists achieved remarkable results, including competitive advantage, cost savings and quantifiable improvements in agility.

Public voting for the SuperNova Awards will take place online from August 19 – September 13, 2019. The winners will be announced at the SuperNova Awards Gala on November 6 in Half Moon Bay, California, during Constellation’s Connected Enterprise.

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