We supply leading separation, purification and extraction technologies to support chromatography, biocatalysis and SPPS applications from laboratory to process scales.

We bring 40 years of dedicated resin bead expertise and innovation to global pharmaceutical, food, beverage, cosmetic and fine chemical markets.

● 4 global manufacturing plants

● 25+ years of Regulatory expertise

● 52 sales offices

● 1400+ employees

● 6000+ active customers

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The Praesto® range is a modern range of high-performing chromatography resins that deliver exceptional results on a high flow agarose base matrix with a porosity and pore structures ideal for the purification of large, complex biologics such as monoclonal antibodies...



Chromalite® synthetic chromatography resins are versatile bulk-processing media designed for analytical, preparative and industrial chromatography applications.



Lifetech™ ECR enzyme immobilization resins provide physical, chemical and mechanical stability with minimal swelling in aqueous solutions or organic solvents. 

The Lifetech™ ECR enzyme carriers from Purolite Life Sciences are methacrylic or styrenic polymers with various functional groups on the matrix


PuroSynth™ for Solid Phase Peptide Synthesis (SPPS) are made of polystyrene containing 1% divinylbenzene (DVB) as a crosslinking agent. This polystyrene resin is insoluble in all common solvents, it swells well in most organic solvents and is supplied as uniform spherical beads.


PuroSorb™ polymeric adsorbents (PAD) are synthetic, highly cross-linked polymers with a highly porous structure as part of their matrix. With either non-polar or hydrophobic tendencies, they readily adsorb highly soluble organic compounds.