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Products for Fossil Power Plants

Purolite has been servicing the fossil power industry for over 25 years. We manufacture ion exchange resin products specific to power industry requirements to keep plants running safely, effectively and efficiently. Fossil power plant operations require exceptional water purity for critical systems. Purolite ion exchange resins for the power industry are purified to the highest specification to make sure impurities contributing to scale formation and corrosion are removed. Our ion exchange resins are highly reliable with exceptional operating capacity and great mechanical strength — helping to increase service life, limit change-outs and reduce downtime.

Fossil Power Plants
Purolite has developed a large diversity of high-quality ion exchange resin products for use in fossil power generation and backed by the largest technical support team in the industry. Purolite products are used in a variety of water systems in power plants. These systems include feedwater makeup, condensate polishing, stator cooling, cation conductivity columns and analytical equipment.

Makeup water resins will be determined based on the overall influent water quality and treatment equipment design. Whether the system is co-flow or counter flow will also matter in product selection. Products for makeup commonly consist of strong acid cation and strong base anion resins, however weak acid and weak base resins may reduce operating cost. Counter flow service requires specific resin grades to minimize differential pressures during service. Polishing cation and anion resins that are mixed will be designed to properly separate for regeneration. When polishing high purity water in mechanically challenging applications such as condensate polishing, the resins will require higher capacity for selectivity and durability to minimize breakage during transfer and regeneration with concentrated chemicals.

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